Fastest Way to Level Up?

I am a Field Marshall in Reach… and I just realized how annoying it’s going to be to level up. Does anyone here have helpful tips on how to level up faster? (Legitimately?) What are the best playlists to level up in?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Firefight is pretty good for ranking up. If you’d rather play Matchmaking then play Big Team or any other playlist that has a long time limit.

Firefight is your best bet. But it does get repetitive fast. Go for those longer term games like Invasion or Big Team Battle.

You Rank fast in Firefight, but i hope they will change it because it can not be that you get more cR / EXP with killing KIs!!!

If you have all the maps, give Premium Slayer and Premium Battle a try. You get a lot of credits in those playlist. It’s far more fun than playing Firefight over and over again.

Invasion or Big Team if you get bored of Firefight.

Firefight. 'Nough said.