Fastest warzone game?

My friends and I have been seeing how fast we can win in warzone turbo today. We’ve gotten a lot of sub 2 minute games, but our best so far was on Noctus. We finished after 1:20 of game time. As a side note, on waypoint, the game history time is 30-90 seconds longer than game time, so I just recorded it using dvr.

This is a link to the waypoint report, though:

I had a game with a couple friends that ended in about 2 minutes a while back. It was a regular warzone match on apex


I’ve seen a few swift matches. But I’m sure ive never seen them that fast! I remember ispiteful had a 1000 - 1 match on YouTube.

Hahaha, that’s amazing!

Just watched the dvr clip - well played :slight_smile:

We had a couple 1000-0 games, a good number of 1000-1 games, and tons of 1000-5ish games.

not bad. might be the fastest but nothing i know of has records or highscores for this kind of thing

Imagine if you had a legendary booster on, 2500 REQ points in nearly 2 minutes!