Farewell Halo 4.

Well guys i figured id drop in and say hello, and also goodbye. Earlier today i got a copy of Halo 3 havent played it since 2011 and i realized that it was 10 times more fun than the current set up of halo 4. ill give a few points.

  1. Sprint, why you ask? Because to move around the maps you have to sprint, but you cant shoot when sprinting and leaves you vulnerable, its nothing but a escape tool. I can literally stay alive forever if i run away if i dont have the upper hand. It rewards impulsive gameplay.

  2. WAY to many power weapons on maps. There are usually 7 or 8 power weapons on a map at a given time, makes the game to chaotic and lop sided.

3 Descope/Flinch dont gottta explain

4 Some Armor Abilities completely break the game such as Jetpack, Camo, and Promethean Vision.
Jetpack-Makes the user able to completely bypass every obstacle and can gain uncanny height in seconds
Camo- Its still glitched and its basically a cheat code. in what other online game (Besides Crysis) can you actively use camo whenever and where ever you feel like it? nothing wrong with camo being a 1 minute powerup
PV-can see through walls screwing up flanks and you cant even see a camo person in which thats what it should be for, but alas all you see is the outline and if you dont pay close attention then you wont see them, because every inanimate object is green lined with PV

Basically what im saying is there are to many “Get out of Jail free” perks in this game.

Tactical Packages and Mods, all of the core abilitys from the other games should still be there, not this resistor while running away with infinite sprint to hide with camo.

Perks need to be balanced better or remove completely.

Bullet travel, makes you have to lead your bullets and requires more skill, goes hand in hand with bullet magnetism and auto lock.

anyway until that stuff is gone im done playing any halo but h3. good bye

Ok bye. You have your fun and we’ll have ours.

You’re right about everything except hitscan weapons. Hitscan is a million times better than realistic ballistics in online games because of lag screwing things up.

Anyways, good luck elsewhere. I’ve been a decade long Halo fan and my loyalty is hanging by a string now. If H5 is more of the same “CoD in space” then I’m done with the series also. I’ll simply remember it as being Bungie succeeded and 343 failed.

> Ok bye. You have your fun and we’ll have ours.

i dunno how you have fun when its constantly dropping games, giving you losing JIP all the time. when you die its not because someone is better than you, its because of cheap tactics that are widely used because of he aas.

and yeah i do agree with hit scan being better, but it would only work well if there was very little magnetism and almost no aim assist.

Well, at least your still supporting a Halo game instead of the over-rated COD.

Enjoy your gaming.