Fans were lied to about what the SR152 coating would look like

The armor coating we were shown was an elite, prestigious-looking royal white and black with red trim armor, absolutely beautiful. What we got was gun metal grey (not even shiny) and hardly noticeable maroon accents on maybe 3 places on the armor. The weapon coatings for SR152 are exactly as were shown in the preview images, and they even share the color scheme of the original armor coating we were shown, why not change the skin back to match with weapon skins? I spent well over 3000 hours playing Halo 5 over the past year and am left with a complete opposite of what was promised to me a year ago by 343I. Please, 343, change the armor coating to match the weapons skins. Make it look clean with white and black with red trim like it was originally depicted, I’m begging you. I legitimately devoted a significant portion of my life to this grind to be able to make it. I redid my entire schedule just for this and am sorely disappointed.


Yeah, this is so unfair, the coatings of the hcs are insanely better, with no dust, and shiny, this is intencional to 343 make more money

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So far everyone I’ve met who bought the HCS stuff did so thinking they could use the shaders on their Spartan. You can’t. Don’t think that’s gonna make them more money in the long run.

If everything you post is going to be a crusade against “The big bad number company who’s trying to take all my money”, I ask that you please refrain from these very unhelpful posts. It’s not criticism nor is it feedback, it’s just negative bs @Skywalker935

@DARKANGEL52771 I agree and would love to see the Watchdog coating look pristine and elite. I like the war-torn look but it doesn’t have the same vibe as this shining brilliant armor we were originally shown


I’m not here to complain just because, I’m here because I’m also level 152, I spent Months of time on the game. Foer what? For the store to have better skins than the one that was supposed to be different from the others?

Then say that, instead of conspiracy theories on 343 purposefully making bad decisions. If 343 wanted to make a bad game they would’ve modeled it exactly like Call of Duty and kept loot boxes. You have a very victimized mindset to the situation. Ask for change without berating the company, offer feedback with a little more positive mood and they’re more likely to listen to you.

i honestly prefer loot boxes in infinite than this system progression battle pass

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To each his own. My message still stands, I recommend you take a more calm and collected approach to feedback instead of calling out 343 for being a money-hungry and predatory company, of which they are not.

That’s the worst mistake a fan can make, defending a company, you know that 343 is only interested in your money, like the rest of the companies, please, I urge you not to do it.

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Yeah I want this to be genuine criticism and not a hate movement. I want change not malice.

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you’re blinded by your anger. For some reason, you seem to be stuck on this notion that 343 Industries wants fans to suffer. Yes, they are a company that wants money like any other. But do not make the mistake of believing they don’t care about this franchise. 90% of what’s in Infinite is because of fan feedback and the passion from those at 343 who are just as much Halo fans as us. It’s not a “Consumer vs Company” type of situation. It’s never been that way. Stop turning 343 into the enemy for your own mental health and please try to correct your methods into proper and positive feedback.


So why do you defend them?

There’s nothing to defend, @Skywalker935. They love this company as much as I do. I haven’t defended anything other than the fact that your methods of “feedback” are less than ideal and greatly unhelpful. It breaches that line between feedback/criticism and ventures into negative comments without any feedback.
“I wish Watchdog was shiny and clean” vs “343 made Watchdog dirty because they want my money” are not the same.

This is completely consumer vs company, theres a line between trying to make money, and cutting content out to maximize profits, there is no reason to lock 80% of content behind the store when it could be earned through gameplay.
We need a way to earn credits or the system needs reworked entirely, they can have micro transactions without locking away a key feature of multiplayer to tons of people


I’m happy the more I see these posts. I made a post about the exact same thing on day one. Everyone who has it that has spoken about it says the same thing: it’s a dull dirty grey and dull maroon. Nothing like what was shown in the preview picture. It should be a vibrant clean (maybe not 100% pristine but either
Is fine, just not dirty) silver/white with dark blacks and vibrant reds in a good amount of places. The weapon coatings look fantastic, and the armor doesn’t look anything like the weapons.

This is something that needs to be changed for it’s most dedicated, most loyal fans. I spent the last 6 months straight grinding for 8-12 hour days specifically to get these rewards in infinite and the armor is such a huge letdown. It was legitimately a full time job for 6 months. Not only that but they give a free set of armor coatings in the shop that look 100x better then something we grinded for hundreds upon hundreds of hours for.

I know it’s a gift they didn’t have to give but it was supposed to be a special thank you to fans who did that in halo 5 and it doesn’t even look anything like what was shown. It feels like a bait and switch. We’re a small minority of the halo community as 152s, keep speaking up about this anytime you see it. If we don’t, it will get buried and lost. All we want is what was shown. Something that really lets us stand out just as much as these other excellent skins in the store


Me too, it was hard, we deserve more


Halo 5 have lootboxes…and a better system of progression for play the game WHAT YOU BUY!

so do you still feel the same now?