Fanmade: Discovery of Sunaion

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Hey Waypoint,
I decided to write a story of how Sunaion could have been discovered and founded. My story is a compilation of personal logs from Shipmaster Korvan Vadam, a Sangheili (I made up) who was the captain of a fishing skiff. I hope you enjoy!

“We departed from the Vadam Keep’s shore several nights ago on a fishing trip. Our skiff has hardly been able to suffer the burden of the rough Csurdon Sea. Thankfully, some kind traders (crossing our path on their way to the State of Konar) generously treated my crew to fresh Colo and Irkun, in exchange for some fish. That lifted their morale high enough for the following days until we discovered a small island very close Nuusra- we could see a faint outline of Nuusra’s coastlines from the opposite end of the island. We set up our tents and dragged our boat ashore. After a day of exploring we found the land was uninhabited, which I found to be intriguing, considering Nuusra was not even half a day’s sail away. Perhaps our neighbors do not enjoy warerbound travel, or they have no need for an island such as this… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry I-1]

“The following morning, my brother set out for the Vadam Keep to bring more workers on my request. We unloaded the entire skiff by ourselves, piling food in vacant tents while the others slept. I thanked him for his help. After my brother’s departure, my crew took hammers to the nearest mountainside and chipped away at the rocks. Two Sangheili skilled at stonework offered to carve the rocks into bricks. I allowed them to do so. We eventually built a sturdy building (in five days) to house all of the crew, including myself and my brother (for when he returns). Today is the sixth day since my brother set out for the Vadam Keep. I begin to worry for him. I try not to… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry II-2]

“I awake to the sound of my crew singing and eating, I am thankful they are in high spirits today. I dressed myself and joined them. My brother would have enjoyed this… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry III-3]

“Alas, he returns! My brother arrived just before sundown. He brings thirty workers, ten carvers, and a Vadam Elder to survey and bless the land we have claimed. He also brought Irkun seeds to plant and nets to catch fish… along with an Arum for me to fiddle with. We quickly built the Elder a room and discuss the potential of this newfound island. The Elder speaks softly and wisley, telling us the ground we walk is holy, therefore it should be a site of worship for all Sangheili. For I already knew this land was sacred. I saw it too, before him… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry IV-4]

“Morning arrives quickly. The Elder tells my brother and I that he will go back to the Vadam Keep and bring many carvers to construct legendary monuments to our race here. I pack him plenty of Colo and cooked fish for the journey home. I bid him farewell as he leaves the island… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry V-5]

"I awake to see a fleet of skiffs approaching my island. I sit on the sand, waiting for my crew to wake. The skiffs approach the beachhead, many workers and carvers leap over the sides while the Shipmasters rapidly tie the boats to trees and rocks before they float back into the Csurdon Sea. My crew awakes and welcomes the new workers. I approach the largest skiff to greet the Fleetmaster. He tells me the Elder gave him specific instructions to build certain monuments and walls at designated spots. I tell him that the will of the Elders is my will. He begins building… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry XXVI-26]

“My brother tells me the Elder has made a drastic decision concerning my island. He says my island is to have a wall surrounding it, and it is to be closed off to everyone- except the most holy Sangheili and ones they permit temporary access. I do not want this. I want every living being to see what I saw lingering beneath the deep waters of the Csurdon… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry XXXIX-39]

“I hope my island will forever be an oasis to those who are weary and have little faith. I do not wish for anyone to be exiled from this place over trivial things (such as birthrights or holiness), but if it must be, then it shal be by the word of the Elders of Vadam. Not mine. The more I think on this, I realize my island does not have a name. My skiff arrived here nearly half a century ago, and the ground which I walk remains nameless. I go to my brother’s house for council on what to name this place. He welcomes me and gives me water. My brother and I decide to call the island Sunaion, a crude conjugation of ‘Sumai’ and ‘Sraom.’ I woke my crew, excitedly, asking their opinions. My crew and my brother said the name was good and holy, so I carved it in stone… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [Entry LXXII-72]

“Word has come from the Elder once again. He tells me that he brought the name (my brother and I chose for my island) before the High Council and asked them if it was good and holy. They agreed in unison, thus Sunaion is officially born. I am glad my island has a name now. My crew and I leave today- we are the only inhabitants on this island now. The Elder’s workers left promptly after the construction of the wall and temple was complete. I will miss my island dearly, I hope I may return (in secrecy) one day. I deeply revere the Council and the Elder, but I despise them for forbidding me the right to walk on the island I discovered, cared for, and named… “
-Logbook of Shipmaster Korvan, Discoverer of Sunaion [XCIX-99]

You deserve serious props! I am really surprised this was totally ignored. Humble and well attended to story with plenty of heart. Nice read :slight_smile:

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