Fanfiction | Thoughts?

Hello! Here’s a little fan fiction i wrote! Of course this is all a fan fiction it has nothing to do with a new game, although…it would make an interesting game. With that being said i hope you enjoy my little story for you!

Halo: The Untold Story

He panted, exhaustion beginning to kick in. Fire filled his lung’s and his legs throbbed. Having just recently completing the training course built for marines. Sweat painting his face here and there. Looking up at the blazing sun that rayed it’s beams down onto the ground. He let’s out a slow and shaky breath, dropping to his knees and falling towards the grassy floor. Letting out a sigh of relief as he feels the cool embrace of the grass. The smell of dirt and freshly cut grass infiltrates his nose. Soon a large shadow appears before him, looking up at the shadow to be greeted by the drill sergeant.

“What do you think you are doing down there maggot!” The sergeants voice boomed

“R-Resting…” He uttered out as he rose to his knees

“Im sorry what was that?” The sergeant said in an irritated mood

“Resting sir!” He shouted before he soon stands and offers a salute

“At ease private…Now tell me your name” The sergeant said calmly yet demanding

“Private Mickey Romana sir”

“Alright Private Romana. Do you know where you are?”

“Planet Reach sir”

~5 Weeks Later~

looking down at his helmet as he shakes left in right due to the warthog driving throughout the pavement/grassy terrain.

“Alright boy’s listen up! This is no longer trai-” A commanders words cut soon off just as fast as they had begun

Soon the private felt light. Finding himself hurling through the air. Blinded by a soon growing blue light. Landing on the hard pavement of an old abandoned highway. Looking around his surroundings with a ringing in his ears and everything seemed to be muffled.

“Its a trap!..We are surrounded!” He heard from his team mates.

He gets up and dusts himself off. Running off to hide behind a far rock. Cowering behind it as he watches the scene unravel. Seeing his friends, team mates and the ones he called family be gunned down. Tears stung his eyes and trickles to his cheeks.

-I am a coward…- He thinks to himself

Running off to seek a hiding place.

~6 Hours Laters~

The private wandered through out the unfamiliar terrain. His lips dry and cracked with dried up tear streams leading from his eyes to cheeks. Stumbling through trees and rocks. His armor torn and muddy from the unforgiving land.

Seeing a light he approaches it. To find a farm house as he knocked upon the door. In hopes of someone to help him. Soon a young lady, about the age of 17 answers

“Yes?” She say’s in a gentle yet wary voice due to his outfit/condition

“H-Help me” He says before falling to his knees. Going out cold from exhaustion and feeling the embrace of the cool grass as he falls. The smell of dirt and freshly cut grass inflitrates his nose as she yells for her father. Dragging the soldier inside they’re home.

~To Be Continued~