False Banhammer due to Bug?

So I was playing a few rounds of SWAT, after a few games, my REQ Pack information would not load, and my req points remained at 0. My level even got set to 1, I uploaded a screenshot of that to my Xbox Profile.
After 3 more games my info would still not load, so I restarted my xbox. That did not fix the problem, so I did a full shut down reboot. That fixed the problem, but as soon as I booted multiplayer up, I got a big red box talking about a banhammer striking again, and that it will be in effect for 6:14.

I’d actually like to get back to playing the game if I could, do I have no choice but to wait it out?
I hate to have a damper put on my day because of some online bug.
Note I did not leave a game when I did a hard reset.
Anyone else have a similar issue?

update about 20 minutes later

Seems like the ban lifted itself, I have no explanation.

I am sorry to hear about that Spartan. I hope everything will work out for you.

For future reference ban related traffic would go here.

> 2533274880633045;3:
> For future reference ban related traffic would go here.

Yes; however. The Monitors are very busy and do not always have time to assist all of the community, all of US.