False Advertising!

We were told maybe not on day one but at some point shortly after release halo infinite is going to have split screen co op!

People purchased the campaign believing this to be the case!


Yea it’s heartbreaking news.

Feel free to request a refund via MS store if you wish, althought I am not sure if that movement will go anywhere you’d have to prove this is the reason you paid the price of the product (this may be possible with campaign only purchase…I am not a lawyer thuogh, or even a MS rep, so IDK dont trust my speculation I guess lol).

Frankly I gave up on the campaign a while ago though. When I first finished it when it was realeased I thought it was a good canvas, almost Far Cry meets Halo vibes which I could really get behind. But the canvas was blank and even the stroy felt only like a single act (plus missing the proper intro!!). I was certain that a live service game wouldnt leave the canvas so blank for more than a couple months, 1 short season at most…yea it’s still hella incomplete yo. I am not sure I’d even wanna do co-op on infinite, my pals would rather return to the MCC for that. :confused:


The fact it was a straight up ‘lie’ is even worse.

I dislike liars.


I get that there a lot of disappointed people.

But we know from the code that’s literally in the game that they put a lot of work into the split screen. It looks, at least from the pics people have posted, just about done.

That’s different from a “straight up lie”.

It looks like they pretty much meant to follow through on their promise.

And I acknowledge that it’s no less disappointing.

But we need to know what went wrong. Why was the project cancelled as (seemingly) the last minute. Is it a performance issue on the Xbox one? Is it an engine problem tied to desync? Something else?

You would think they owe everyone an explanation.


I would say it is going too far but check local consumer protection laws. I know in my state anything that could be a deal breaker needs to be presented upfront. Even if the op is looking for a handout (not saying they are) if split screen was promised then 343 was misleading the customer. Also, you never know what will happen if you have to take the loss is worst case scenario. Years ago, I tried getting EA to fix an achievement in Need for Speed Carbon. The way I went about it was the fact that I bought a broken product in 2006 and wanted the achievement to be fixed and expecting nothing but got a free game in 2012. So, six years later EA made me somewhat satisfied. Not saying it will work in this case but asking for the refund based on being misled and the OP might get results.


All hands on deck for fixing the forge alpha and bringing it to beta status. They know they have to deliver that on time in November.
Split screen co op at the barebones does work, there’s even a glitch where people can play splitscreen co op. While splitscreen was cancelled, they didn’t explicity say “Splitscreen is cancelled indefinitely”

This gives them the option to release splitscreen in the future. Maybe next year in Season 5

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So wheres the class action?

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Well if the terms & conditions says “Co-op Split screen” then you’ll get a refund but if it doesn’t then you wont.

If you make a promise and intend to follow up on it, then FOLLOW UP ON IT. Even if you intend to do so, not doing so is STILL LYING.

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Nowhere near the same thing.

And again, I want to clearly understate that it makes the end point no less disappointing.

But it looks like they tried. It appears to be pretty much finished from the videos people have been posting.

They obviously put a lot of time, effort, and resources into trying to deliver on their “promise”.

It looks like the Xbox one let them down. And I imagine Microsoft are the ones that pulled the rug on a major feature that isn’t across the Xbox family. While they are still selling stock of the console and/or can’t provide Series S/X to cover demand - they need to keep everyone under the same umbrella.

I get that it’s upsetting. But it’s emotional energy that may be better directed in a slightly different direction.

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It’s still a lie. They said every halo in the future would have split screen and no matter how close to fruition they got is irrelevant. We didn’t get it, they don’t plan on ever delivering it, therefor a lie. But hey it’s not the only disappointment. We should have 3-4 more vehicles, maps, and weapons by now and that’s definitely not a reality either.

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And again.

It’s disappointing. Even devastating.

But there is a huge difference between trying hard and failing vs saying something and not doing anything.

Both deserve disappointment. Only one deserves anger.

And I think the danger is that you message gets lost in the hyperbole. It may feel better to vent. But overall you are just giving 343 cause not to read the threads and engage with the community.


There is a difference but a lie nonetheless. They need to know what they’ve done now is without doubt a mistake.

Regardless of perception of what is a lie or not. We were promised day one that we would get split screen and they would never launch another game without it. Struggles, issues, trying, whatever. They’re decision making to never ever put it in now is a lie and a broken promise.

As hyperboles go they need to take our feedback seriously and without sugar coatings. Nothing I said is against warranted feedback. I didn’t threaten or attack like some have. What I said might have been a stretch if they hadn’t disappointed in the exact same way before which they have.

I understand where you’re coming from. But using synonymous words and alternative descriptions that point to the same flaw doesn’t serve this discussion any good. Like you said the result is the same, so does it matter if we butter it up with words that yield the exact same result, the exact same disappointment, and the exact same betrayal with broken promises?

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Exactly. If 343 take out feedback seriously they would prioritise splitscreen again.

Not to mention it was there first priority out of the gate. It’s scary that they couldn’t manage to deliver their first step to repair the launch.

As some constructive feedback, they need to build their foundations on the game before expanding out to new territory. If coop and forge were out at launch it would have something to fall back on while they made content.

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To this day, I am fascinated by the false advertising that companies get away with under the guise of “live service.”


Yep. Fully agree. I miss games like Halos 3, Reach, and 4. Games that were content complete day 1 and had a few small goodies added over time but nothing game changing.


Don’t make a player a promise if you know you can’t keep it.