False Advertising on Battle Pass?

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At best it’s misleading but not illegal since you’d have to prove intent & I truly don’t think that was the case in relation to certain items not being available in the first battle pass.

It isn’t misleading in any way if it isn’t explicitly stated that the showed armor is indeed avalaible in the Battle Pass.
To put it simpler, you’re simply looking wayyy to much into what is nothing more than a mere promotional graphic and not an actual screenshot or some kind.

The Tenrai event also shows armor that isn’t in its pass.

My issue is that its the image shown when you go to purchase the Battle Pass. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that when you purchase the Battle Pass, you’ll get access to the content shown to you in that image. Heck, when I first saw it, I assumed that all of the content in that first image was part of the Pass.

That’s why I said ‘at best’, this isn’t false advertising.

But they’re using this to advertise for the Battle Pass. When you go to purchase the Battle Pass, it shows you this and provides the expectation that what you’re looking at is what will be part of the Pass. That you can earn what you’re seeing. It may not have been intensively malicious, but intent doesn’t matter when it’s clearly not representative of the product its advertising.