False Advertising Lones Wolves Battle Pass

Everything in the shop should be earnable by playing the game or through bought credits.

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Yes it should, just like EVERY Halo before it except for CE and 2 obviously.


they did the same think with S1 BP… the ‘cho-ham’ utility didn’t once show up in the shop or BP, yet it’s in the season banner. only now showing up in s2…

It is a promotional image that was drafted once skins and models were either finalized or near final production. And then when it came time to actually arrange the items in the battle pass, of course they probably didn’t match up to the items selection featured on the promo imagery.

Marketing and Production teams are two separate entities that are NOTORIUS for not communicating every detail between one another.

Take Halo 5 for example.
Halo 5 Guardians was rewritten by Brain Reed part-way through development.
Meanwhile the Hunt The Truth marketing podcast was still being written based on the original script draft.
Hence why there are plenty of details that make no sense when you compare the two to one another. There are events in Hunt The Truth that are impossible to have occured in Halo 5 Guardians.

Another example is Mortal Kombat Legends : Battle of the Realms.
The animated movie had a promo poster stating which fighters were going to be on the roster.

  • https://i.redd.it/89f7b1xpbq571.jpg

And yet, Mileena was not featured in the movie. Though in the developer commentary, she was mentioned of having a scene that was story-boarded, voiced, and partially animated. But the scene was ultimately cut from the movie.
Instead, Mileena is replaced by Li-Mei as a throw-away character during a brief animation scene. Mileena’s story scenes were entirely scrapped and her fight during an early montage was exchanged with a lesser known character that the franchise developers have dubbed a throw-away-jobber.

And yet Marketing AND EVEN THE CREDITS state that Mileena is in the movie.

Fun fact - If you log onto your copy of Halo Infinite and look at the armor pieces that are vaulted for the Mark V Bravo Armor Core, you will find that the “new Season 2 released items” will feature text that reads “Released during Season 1”.

Even though these items weren’t featured in the shop, battle-pass, or event pass; they were planned to and were even ready in the files. BUT they couldn’t wedge them in for some reason and decided to postpone them to Season 2 . . . and forgot to update the information to state that the items were released in Season 2 instead of Season 1.

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If you look back at the blog about MP, Progression etc. from half a year before the launch (not 100% sure about the exact timeframe), the entire game is a false advertisement.

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Why cant you make a good game 343

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It’s to lure in players, the ones that that get all excited watching hype, but are oblivious to what will actually take place.

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They did the same thing with Season 1’s battle pass image. There is no way to obtain the Hazop from the hero’s of reach battle pass, yet its right there at the top of the image.

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Totally agree! But tbh 343 has never been good at transparency.

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Different countries have very different consumer rights laws.

In the UK you could potentially argue that the image constitutes a breach of Regulation 5 and Regulation 6 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

Regulation 5 prohibits giving false information to, or deceiving, consumers. These are defined as a misleading action, when a practice through the information it contains or its deceptive presentation (even if informational is in fact factually correct) and causes or could likely cause, the average consumer to take a different transactional decision.

Regulation 6 prohibits failing to give consumers the information they need to make an informed choice in relation to a product, once more if this would cause, or be likely to cause, the average consumer to take a different transactional decision.

As of 12th of March 2015 the £5,000 cap on fines for breaching these regulations was removed, which means there is no limit on fines that can be imposed on businesses found to be in breach.

Quick disclaimer, this post does not constitute legal advice.

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Good points, thank you for contributing!