False Advertising Lones Wolves Battle Pass

The current in game image associated within the News section of Halo Infinite for the Lone Wolves Battle Pass. In the image are a number of armor pieces and coatings not found within the Battle Pass. I find this to be somewhat false advertising.

I’m totally of the opinion that people should check before they buy, but at the same time that transparency is also important from the ones providing the service. Having items associated with the Battle Pass that aren’t on it is something that I’d consider to be less than upfront.

I’m not saying that players that have purchased the Battle Pass need to be given the armors/coatings in the image, but that the image should probably just be swapped out so that only Battle Pass armors/coatings are in the associated image.

Additional Disclaimer/Solution: I know there is also the comment “Additionally, you can visit the Shop to find armor sets, armor pieces, coatings, and much more to add to your collection.,” but I don’t think that’s necessary a direct statement that the image contains shop items.
This statement could also have something added onto it saying something along the lines of “Some armors and coatings in the above image available in shop” or something akin.


I don’t think it’s legally classifiable as “false advertising”, but I completely agree that they need to stop using paid items in their promotional material, at least where it concerns the Battle Pass.


Yeah I’m not trying to say its some massively illegal deal or anything, just that its not a good idea imo and can add further bad taste. Especially since its been an issue in the past


considering in the article it mentions the shop they probably have those there as things to be released later in season 2. no point in making an article just advertising the shop. not that deep


Its the fact that its the image in the GAME. Okay it may not be deep but its definitely consistently poor face value for 343. It just seems off that as a consumer for 343 you have to know that you shouldn’t trust anything at face value, you know?

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The season and battle pass are two parts of the same whole. I’m guessing the picture in question is the the banner represents the “season” which includes the battle pass, not a banner for the battle pass itself. This includes cosmetics released during the season as a whole.

This was an argument for the first season as well. The only cosmetic not actually released during that seasonal timeframe in the picture there was CQB which could be a valid argument.

It would help to provide a link to the reference pic itself so that we can see what exactly you’re talking about rather than just taking your word on it.

Look in the game under the News section. Anyone can look at it on their own, its not just my word, thats why I specifically stated what I was referring to.

Did this with tenrai too. Shady stuff


I’m specifically referring to where it says “Battle Pass” not the season, so no, I am specifically referencing where it says Battle Pass.

Here is the specific image I am referencing in the News section.


Some people just complain about the sky being blue these days


Never did I say it was some crazy evil big deal, just that its better transparency between consumer and provider and has better optics.

The link you just posted is pretty self explanatory

You’re crying about non-toxic feedback solely trying to help the game improve transparency? Man what a white knight you are

All you do is find things to complain about, I’ve been on the forums. Back to the subject, the link you shared clearly says "ADDITIONALLY YOU CAN HEAD TO THE SHOP FOR YOUR ARMOR COLLECTION. the shop is also part of season 2. And after season 1 you should know.

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I addressed this baby

I get they made the statement but the title was for the Battle Pass. I’m not calling 343 bad, I’m not saying they’re cheating anyone or anyone is owed anything. I’m simply stating that it improves transparency and allows players easier understanding. I’m sorry that hurt your feelings.

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Maybe I’m having a bad day so I apologize, I just I cannot take the negativity this game gets sometimes. Not saying toxic but some of the complaints are outlandish

I’m not saying they’re bad for this, I’m genuinely just making this recommendation for the sole intent of having them improve the way a consumer perceived them, and the way that they advertise material.

I’m also sorry for being sarcastic and snippy. It feels as if any critique of the game is immediately dismissed at times, regardless of whether it would improve players experience.

If it is about IMPROVING the game, I’m all ears. Some of this hell 343 doesn’t deserve and even I would turn a blind eye to. I believe the main idea is just to draw people in from a marketing aspect. I could refer to McDonald’s putting up a big billboard with an awesome looking sandwich in it, and yet when I get the sandwich it looks like a greasy mess. Not exactly the same issue but you get my point.

Paid items I’d argue are fine, so long as they are part of the premium battle pass and not store exclusives.

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I myself have no issues with their advertising, I’d like to see more