Fallen of Ragnarok Recruiting!

Hello, we are a Halo Clan currently looking for new members to grow our group. The clan is based around a Nordic Mythological theme and ranking system. We have been around since Halo 3 and currently on Halo 4. We are still small but looking to expand our ranks with active and committed players who want to play in a group of people who have fun and stride to be the best. We also have our clan on the Enjin website, so no new account has to be created. Here are some criteria to be considered being in our clan:

Age of 14 and over
Have a functioning headset
Spartan Rank of 60 and higher
Not apart of other clans
Are on regularly and have access to a computer

There requirements can be adjusted depending on your play style and eagerness to be apart of the clan. Our style is very open, fun and easy going. We enjoy joking around and becoming friends while at the same time get serious when playing. Trying to be the best and using strategy and skill to win battles. Our ranking isn’t just about skill, but your involvement with the clan and what your responsibilities are. If you are looking for a group of people to play on with regularly and better your team skills, we’d be happy for you to apply and show us what you got.

Fallen Of Ragnarok Evolutions