Fallback Hopper, anyone else stuck like me.

This is the info i have found so far.

"Sometimes I see a different set of hoppers, and my SR gets set back to 0. Why does that happen?

What you are seeing are “fallback hoppers”. When you enter this mode, you will see a UI notification. It shows up on the “Find Game” screen for War Games. In previous Halo titles, you’re dependent on the servers to get the information you needed for Matchmaing, and if they go down, you can’t play. Fallback hoppers are a new functionality for Halo 4, and they allow people to continue playing Halo 4 when there are server issues.

In order to preserve the integrity of the online experience, there are some limitations to this functionality:

• Reduced XP earn rate, counted as offline XP
• Players in the Fallback hopper cannot play with those that are using the regular server hoppers
• Player customization is disabled (no armor, loadouts, emblem)

Since the server isn’t actually available in Fallback hopper mode, you’ll be missing functionality that the server provides. This includes:

• Spartan Ops
• File Share
• Service Record
• Commendations
• Challenges
• Double XP tokens

You will automatically be switched to Fallback hoppers if you fail to download a necessary file. You’ll remain in Fallback hoppers for up to 10 minutes after the services return. When in this mode, it’s a good idea to relaunch the game on a regular basis, so you can reenter the regular hoppers as soon as they’re available."

I would love some kind of answer. Apparently moderators at 343 dont even know these exist so im about to my breaking point. I just want to be able to play everything Halo 4 has to offer and i currently cant and i have been unable to since Friday.

I haven’t been able to get on the server for days. Please fix this, dev team.

Wow… awesome digging on the info. I believe this is what has happened to me. Kinda embarassing when a player points out what no one at 343i can… perhaps they are hiring.

I’m still having this same issue. I wasted money on this game and Xbox live if I can’t even play. How has this not been fixed yet?

“Digging”? Really? This was posted in the Weekly Bulletin. How much more visible do you want them to be?

Having the same issue. First time was on the 10th lasted about 12 hours

Now it is close to 24 hours of running in the hopper and can not join friends to complete missions.

how do you get unstuck?

I’m stuck on it too… I’ve tried everything… it’s frustrating because I bought this to enjoy the multiplayer with my friends… and I cant even do that… it’s been 3 no now 4 days… of this… Anyone else still stuck?

I just got stuck in the same fallback situation. I was playing earlier today (about 5 hours ago) and have not been able to play war games or spartan ops for the past couple hours. This is extremely frustrating.

> “Digging”? Really? This was posted in the Weekly Bulletin. How much more visible do you want them to be?

i was thinking the same thing!