Fall preview - Lack of grenades

Guys sorry i cant put this into one of the map posts as it seems to affect all the new fall preview maps! Halo for me and hopefully others has been about well played nades then finishing up with head-shots once shields down that worked great that was Halo.
Everyone knows Halo has a long TTK that’s fine that’s halo that’s why we have no shortage of nade’s so why now does it feel like am searching for grenades getting more assists as I cant finish the player off am annoyed really annoyed iot feel alike you changing the base formula without thinking about how its affecting your player base.
I love Halo, I dont want to have to learn from scratch how to play I’ve already won that right since the beginning of Halo 5 and was starting to get good in my tiny view.
Your biggest fan Spartan TimeKilla

Sorry about lack of paragraphs either my key board is messed up or something is wrong with the forum as you can delete without moving a space back over written whatever was there before.