Fall damage shouldn’t exist

So I was playing Truth and Reconciliation mission in H:CE and I was at the beginning when you’re moving through the desert area and there was one part where I jumped off a ledge to the ground below and died. I dismissed it as fall damage is just a fact of life in gaming, but today I was thinking about the halo books and it’s occured to me: in the halo book First Strike, Fred and about 27 other Spartans bail out of a pelican and fall from Reach’s upper atmosphere to the ground. Their augmentations and armor allow them to survive this fall with only few causalities. So, why is it that a 10 meter fall from that cliff would kill Master Chief??? Yes, the book came out after but bungie actually had a surprising amount of lore including Mjolnir armor capabilities written down prior to the games release. So, why do y’all think they decided to add fall damage to CE, and why didn’t they remove it in anniversary, long after the book had released??

gameplay =/= realism
It is that simple.
For balancing purposes gameplay elements will always have higher priority than lore accuracy.

I think Bungie realized fall damage was frustrating which is why it’s not present or does lower damage in subsequent games. As for CEA, the game was intended to be the same game but with new graphics, so removing fall damage would mean not staying faithful to the original game.

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> gameplay =/= realism
> It is that simple.
> For balancing purposes gameplay elements will always have higher priority than lore accuracy.

But fall damage isn’t something that balances the game. If I played through CE once with and once without fall damage, I would most likely not be able to tell the difference unless I had an accidental death.

I couldn’t tell you why it exists, but I can tell you that on multiple occasions I forgot fall damage existed in Halo CE, so I would jump off of something from a height that wouldn’t damage me in any other Halo game, but would do so in Halo 1. I don’t get upset about though. I just deal with it because I imagine that it was a decision from the time to make the game more realistic, after all it was the first game. It’s funny when looking back at it because now we picture Spartans as these unstoppable super-powered killing machines, but then we forget that they die from a 25 foot drop in Halo 1.

It’s kind of inconsistent in the universe. Personally don’t like fall damage…always thought it was strange that in Halo 3 John survives a fall from space, yet can’t survive jumping from a small drop.

Halo: Combat Evolved is a video game while Halo: First Strike is a book. Bungie obviously considered fall damage to be important to their gameplay in their video game, so they included it before deciding it didn’t fit starting with Halo 2 (with Halo: Reach returning it due to taking influences from Halo: Combat Evolved.)

Also, the point of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was to preserve the gameplay experience found in the original version of Halo: Combat Evolved, so changing elements would go against that.