Fall Damage should be in campaign

I don’t need an in-dept explanation. There are huge heights in the campaign map and if we just jump off and land like a feather then there goes the redundancy of terrain variety. We aren’t Spiderman just rolling it off like no biggie. Immersion gameplay is the factor here, not lore reason.

Hopefully if no full damage, there should be a kill timer during falling.


I would hate a kill timer from falling. Butt fall damage should exist in campaign. A player should not be able to hop out of a banshee/wasp (Hopefully falcon and hornet too at some point) from the highest height and take no damage. Even if 343 doesn’t want that to kill you it should at least destroy shields fully.


No. Were super soldiers equipped with highly advanced military suits in the year 2550’s, fall damage shouldn’t exist lore wise.
Gameplay wise, no.


If thats the case, why aren’t we running like mach 4 in lore? Punching banshee into orbit? Let’s add aim assit to the head in the game because a Spartan’s aim is impeccable.

You can’t just pick and choose what makes sense to you because it makes you happy. You already have no reason for gameplay wise anyways.

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I don’t think fall damage has a place in Halo, especially Infinite. To me, its not immersive jumping off a 30 foot cliff and losing all your health (as was the case in CE) while playing as a super soldier capable of stopping an entire army of covenant. plus, with such high terrains you are limiting the options of exploration around the ring.

I’m not “picking and choosing” what makes me happy, I just believe fall damage is a stain on most open world shooters, or just shooters in general. Then again I judge it on a case by case scenario. For me, no place gameplay wise in Halo


A kill timer from falling is about as far as I’d want to go for fall damage, and it should be generous too.

Fall damage from impact felt terrible in every game it was in except for CE where it seemed to be the most forgiving.

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So how fo you explain falling from orbit in halo 3 and being fine?
Remember reach? When Jorge threw us from space?
How did we manage to make it to the surface of requiem again?
If anything there should be just a short armour lock from certain heights as the jell layer solidifies from force of impact.
Fall damage just makes the game less fun and it doesn’t make height redundant.
High ground is an advantage for ranged weapons falling is its own punishment.
Dont use the grapple shot and you have an even harder time getting back up but its an option should you want to.
The immersion isn’t broken by jumping and having a slower rate of fall than any other game?
But surving a fall that is canonically nothing major for a spartan is?
Its a goofy sci-fi shooter not a milsim I really don’t get why people keep trying to complain that halo infinite is being true to the franchise.
We use crazy looking guns to shoot goofy aliens as a super soldier with a blue ghost in their head while we jump around and teabag stuff and flip over jeeps with telepathy.
But heaven forbid we survive a fall.
I just do not understand this logic friends.


i think there should be damage if you jump off a mega cliff but no fall damage otherwise

We have literally fallen from orbit and been fine… what part of fall damage is immersive? It definitely doesn’t give an immersion of being a Spartan.


You keep talking about this “Spartans are powerful soldiers” lore. Im talking about gameplay. If you not noticed, Halo 3, Noble 6, they all were limping from their fall. (And FYI, lore-wise, spartans have re-entry packs to protect them from falling from orbit).

Im talking about fall damage. Not dying on impact. I want there to be punishment for taking leaps and risk. This may be a sandbox, but its not a child’s game. And again FYI, there is fall damage in every Halo game besides Halo 5.

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I don’t even know how much fall damage you guys think I’m referring to. IM not talking about falling from a two-story building. I’m talking about falling from those huge mountainous scrapes and feet shown in the overview.

Even that scene with the banshees fighting in the sky, you each talk about the immersion of a spartan, but don’t want to add on the function of making shockwaves or craters and send enemies flying, rather we just drop on the surface like a feather, you call that yourself an immersive spartan?

Like I said, adding lore into gameplay just breaks the gameplay because people just pick and choose.

fall damage is borderline worthless for Infinite because players can just grapple to safety… Not to say it wouldn’t have any value immersion wise but I don’t think it would impact actual gameplay too much.

Then why not add that function to use grapple to safety. Keep a function as a real skill in campaign just just flat out land like a spider?


My point is that fall damage is unnecessary/irrelevant due to equipment not that they should remove them.

Just for the butt though. So Chief can survive but keeps mentioning that his butt hurts. :laughing:

I agree from a gameplay perspective, but I don’t think it makes much sense lorewise.

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Technically there was no fall damage in Halo 2, a bug allowed fall damage to exist but it has since been corrected.

As for fall damage and the people who have survived it:

Noble Six - fell from orbit after being thrown from the Corvette by Noble Five. He/She survived by way of re-entry pack and had a noticeable limp until they made it to the next mission in which they are still considered wounded given your lowered health.

Master Chief - survived the fall from the Dreadnought only because he used a door as a heat shield so he wouldn’t burn up in re-entry (which may have also cushioned his fall or at least lessened the impact). However, even he had to shake off a bit of collision damage that we just do not see in the game. Whether this was an oversight, impossible to imitate at the time in a considerable amount of time without issues, or just Chief’s unwillingness to show weakness, we’ll never know.

Jerome-092 - Jerome-092 jumped from the Banished Cruiser after infiltrating and attacking the Ark to coerce the defense stations to take action. How Jerome-092 survived his freefall from the Enduring Conviction is honestly anyone’s guess. I haven’t seen anything pointing to an answer so far.

Most MJOLNIR grade armors before Gen 3 were not rated for re-entry without a re-entry pack. It was said that any attempts made would lead to a high chance at perishing from the fall. The fact that Chief and Six survived freefalls (essentially) is either some super thick plot armor with a lot of padding or sheer luck smiling upon them. Jerome-092 is another story since we don’t know what happened after he jumped from the EC.

Regardless, Chief has withstood the worst the Galaxy had to throw at him until now; he’s fought his own kind, he’s taken on armies of genocidal aliens with far more advanced technology, he’s taken on space zombies that want to annihilate all life, he’s lost his best friend while stopping yet another attempt on humanity’s existence, he’s fallen from orbit (twice), he’s battled a rogue sentience vowing allegiance to yet another rogue sentience. I think we can overlook a little fall damage not being present. Besides, what’s going to capitalize on you falling? If you’re going to jump straight off a cliff to plummet some 50+ meters or something, you’re likely not doing it to jump right into a firefight knowing there’s fall damage.

Then again if you’re Chief…Johnson did say that one of these days we were gonna land on something a lot more stubborn than we were. So there’s that.

I literally replied to your argument being internally contradictory.

Your point is immersion.
We are Spartans. So yano, become the chief the guy who fell from space thats what we are being immersed im that universe.
If it was a modern shooter then I’d be with you.

There is punishment as I said, falling lose of the high ground is in and of itself punishment.

They (noble, 117) fell from space not a cliff.

It is literally a child’s game. What age were you when you played your fist halo, i was a child as is the case for most.

And FYI outside of ce and odst it was intentionally turned to be negligible with the scale we have now it would just remove options for player expression.

Don’t see how removing fun factor for realism in our silly kids space opera makes any sense.
Have your opinion.
Designers disagree and imo thats the right call. It being a kids game and all.

no just no if ur expecting a game with high vertical levels with fall damage people are bound to die every single time just because they want to jump off. This is an open world campaign. Its no longer the conventional halo game.

The age I was is irrelevant. The ratings on the game and what was showcased in the first three games, showcased that is was M for mature.

If you’re agreeing this game is fine being a child’s game because you can jump off any cliff without punishment and land like a feather, then there’s no reason people should argue why sprinting should not be in the game or why there is such little blood in Infinite. Or are you surprising against blood in the game and sprint as well?

People want what they please. People choose what makes sense to them and use lore as an excuse. I’m talking about gameplay-wise, and my argument proceeds just that.