For forge and multiplayer the Falcon from Halo Reach should be brought back. There has not been a human flying vehicle in any of the Halo games after Halo Reach. The lack of human flying vehicles is rather disappointing. As I personally loved the Falcon on Halo Reach. All though you should ad more patients of the Falcon for custom maps, as me and my friends love to build defense maps and other related things. Also another Halo enthusiasts dream is to be able to fly a Pelican. So possibly add them into forge for custom maps? It would definitely improve the custom game and forge rep for Halo 5.

I agree, would love to see the return of the Falcon

Im hoping so much that the extra time theyve had theyve introduced more vehicles like the hornet and falcon to the sandbox! It really would just make everyone so so happy! And even better to have a varient upgrade of the falcon with the grenade launcher… Would really make everyone so so happy!

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> The lack of human flying vehicles is rather disappointing.


Yes please! Some days ago I made with a friend from Ireland the hashtag #FalconHalo5. But the problem is that the community just prefer to support posts about the Sprint or the Smart Scope