Failure to download my profile

Basically, I can access my halo reach 360, for whatever reason it’s not recognizing my profile when I open the game. I automatically connect when I turn my xbox one on. I launch halo reach. The screen that says its retrieving my xbox 360 info comes up, mind you the bar doesn’t move. The game then launched and It asks me to sign in. I go to join and download my profile, then says it can’t sign into Xbox Live, then sends me to the Xbox One’s test connection screen after the last prompt. I am connected to Xbox live and there is nothing wrong with the test but it won’t download my profile. Help

yeah… Same problem, either no one knows why, or no one is bothered to answer the questions.

hi any fix?

I had that happen to me. I did a couple of things and don’t really know what fixed the problem. First I gave the XB1 a hard reset which clears the cache. I then signed off the XB1. I put the disk in and selected the two small buttons in the middle of the controller at the same time, that brings up the 360 home panel where you can select to download your profile and sign in. There might be other fixes to this, but this worked for me and now I can access my complete Reach service record and play the game with no more problems and without having to do all this again. Hope this works for you.

Being a 360 peasant has worked out in my favour :smiley:

Having this issue right now. Tried all solutions. Still gives me error 807B0193. Any solutions?

same problem… i go to download my profile and it gives me an error.