Fails of the week?

I have a halo reach vid that i would like to upload from my fileshare to my computer so i can put on youtube and/or give to roosterteeth is there anyway i can do this exactly? PLS TELL ME ITS WORTH SEEING! I was being assasinated an i managed to showstop my own death xD

Firstly, Roosterteeth doesn’t do the Fails of the Weak, it is Achievement Hunter, so emailing RT won’t do you any good.

Achievement Hunter isn’t accepting any new submissions for the Fails of the Weak right now. This is due to the fileshare system on Bungie being taken offline. They have tons of clips still, so they aren’t going to run out.

I would just keep it on your fileshare, and once 343i creates their fileshare system here on Waypoint this summer, email it to Achievement Hunter.

But there’s always GameFails, which is also from Achievement Hunter!

Upload your clip here, and you might see it on the GameFails YouTube channel!

The one drawback is, unless you have your own capture card, you’re outta luck.

Oh, and welcome to Waypoint! :slight_smile:

But honestly i dont even have their email period >.< pluss i am not sure exactly how to get my own vid from fileshare to my laptop.