Fails of the Weak, 10/23/2017


Some of you may remember a little series by Rooster Teeth called “Fails of the Weak” (reference material) which were weekly videos detailing some of the worst playing in Halo games. They started with Halo Reach, and there were some really funny moments. A friend of mine even got his fail featured once.

Anyways, I’m jonesing for some fails, so here’s my challenge: post links to videos or gifs of your worst, funniest fails, anywhere from campaign to multiplayer to even Forge. Doesn’t necessarily have to be you failing. If you catch a teammate failing hard or an AI who’s lost the will to live, that can count. The key is that the perspective needs to be such that it looks like a fail, not a win. The 8 users with the funniest fails will get a Gold Pack reward next Monday, Oct. 30. That gives you 7 days to fail as hard as you can. You can submit fails from any FPS Halo game, and since they’re all playable on the One now there’s variety. Everyone gets unlimited submissions; just don’t spam the thread. Each user is restricted to winning one Gold pack, no matter how many submissions they make. Here’s hoping some will be able to make use of theater mode to get the good angles. Let’s all laugh at ourselves a bit.

Note the spelling :); was never certain if that was a joke or a screw up.

Not interested in prizes, but I’ll start you off.

Hijacking gone wrong

Hiding Fail

H5 Spawning fail


How not to hijack a mantis

How not to hijack a mantis 2

Even more oblivious

Accidents happen

Three failed pilots and a makeshift matador

> 2533274880633045;2:
> MCC AI Fail
> Hijacking gone wrong

Thanks for the start. These two are the kinds I really am hoping to see more of.

Fail of my own.


For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out…

Halo 2 Marine fail

> 2535437652903765;5:
> whoopsDoes this count?

Those were good. Makes me wish theater worked better so you could have gone slo-mo for the Knight smacking that rocket back.

> 2533274893363107;6:
> Halo 2 Marine fail

Oh, the memories…

I mean.

This one was made in June, but it’s still hilarious: always remember to look both ways before crossing the street.

On Sylxeria’s behalf, you might wanna take a look at this. I mean, what were the chances of that happening?! XD

Don’t have anything recent, but these are my fails that I recorded.

Stuck myself, but with a lucky result.

A few snipes with a betray.

Warthog outta nowhere (didn’t look at radar).

Fantastic spawn.

Bad ground pound timing.

Warthog owns me.

Edit: Here’s a new one.

Rocket Fail

Today’s the last day to submit fails, for all of you who are brave enough to laugh at yourselves a bit.

Thanks to those who participated; you were brave enough show the world your less-than-MLG side.

Congrats to EMPEROR NOVA01 and HaXoR73 for having the funniest submissions.