Failed to retrieve game data....AGAIN

It seems as though every time I have a solid game, something goes wrong and the game fails to record my kills, deaths, assists EXP and RP… Is this fixable? Is this data lost forever? Or is it eventually retrieved and my service record adjusted?

I think it is retrieved. My beef with it is i can’t see my recent players and invite some cool bros i played with.

Your data has been retrieved, it has happened to me countless times, the only downside is that you can’t see your stat from that match nor your progression off commendations, but at least you keep your exp and req pts!

I think the records are still recorded, you just can’t see the PGCR page. The next time this happens to you immediately press y to go to the req store page and look at what your point total is. Above that, in the top right corner, you will see a loading icon and after a few seconds your points from the previous game will be added to your wallet. I think the same goes for the stats page.

I have experienced this and the worst is that the match I played does not count towards my ranking.
I hope this will get fixed.

It still receives all the data from that match. It’s happened to me countless times with Warzone, but i know its got the data as i still get my RP after waiting a minute or 2 for it to load, that plus on the website my exp has gone up or i’ve ranked up.

I swear this has happened only in my most fun and sometimes epic matches! I wasn’t so much fussed about not knowing my stats, just to add friends from the game.

Isn’t it obvious?

Glassed planets have bad records (or something like that).