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We are working to track down an issue where players are not loading into a match at the beginning of matchmaking. Should this issue happen to you please take the time and fill out the following information.

Gamertags of players in match

Time Stamps
10:00AM PDT

Playlist and/or Game Type
Halo 3 Team Hardcore/Hardcore Slayer on MLG Pit v8

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Gamertags of players in match

Time Stamps
It happened during my stream yesterday (02/04/19), though I can’t remember the exact time. I’d say maybe around 3:10 PM EST.

Playlist and/or Game Type
Social Games (8v8), Halo 3 Big Team Slayer on Longshore

Hi Postums - is this related to the connection interrupted error when loading into a game or something else? If it’s the connection interrupted, I will log in to MCC tonight and get a data point to add to this thread to help with the investigation.

Gamertags of players in match
FRiCTiON just
Toozton M3X
Murda LR
R i i v a a s z

Time Stamps
1:00 PM PDT, 02/06/2019

Playlist and/or Game Type
Ranked Halo 3 Lone Wolves, Map = Isolation

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> Hi Postums - is this related to the connection interrupted error when loading into a game or something else? If it’s the connection interrupted, I will log in to MCC tonight and get a data point to add to this thread to help with the investigation.

This is in relation to players who are searching in a playlist, match into a game, and then as it’s loading the map they are unable to and get kicked out entirely.

  • Gamertags of players in match

  • Time Stamps*
    3:00 PM ET (estimate) on 2/3/2019

  • Playlist and/or Game Type*
    Social (searching slayer H1 and H2)
    Video of occurrence:
    –Video shows that the issue (at least the version I have) manifests itself in all matchmaking servers becoming unavailable after being kicked out.

  • Gamertags of players in match
    Grim Manifesto
    nXc ReApEr [sometimes present]

  • Time Stamps*
    All matchmaking games I attempted on night of 2/2/2019

  • Playlist and/or Game Type*
    Social (searching slayer H1 and H2)
    Other details: I am kicked out of the game at map load screen, but friends load into game, even if I am party leader.If helpful, it is likely I can generate more occurrences of this issue as it is a chronic problem for me. Something of note is that I had an anomaly where I was able to get into a matchmaking game on Beaver Creek on 2/3 , so that might be useful to compare to all other cases of me attempting matchmaking last weekend. Thanks for looking into this issue.

Unfortunately I don’t have the exact time or date when it happened to me but it’s an extremely rare occurrence for me. Both times it happened I was searching with a group in BTB Halo CE ( can’t remember the exact numbers in my party). Once the game found 16 people my screen went blank on the map loading screen and I was taken back to the main menu with the message " your connection was interrupted". Oddly enough both times I did not receive a quit ban and was able to search again right away for any game.


Deg Taramee
Jexa Kasam
clumsy ninja83
Dr Leo
Teka Katar
Nerovar Taramee
TIME: Tried searching around 9:48est(6:48pst)

This is the third game of the night that’s had issues. First Deg Taramee who lives in the UK was dropped at loading right before match.

Second our 8 player lobby was split into two separate games one 3 on 5 and 5 on 1 in the other. My game went on about 5 minutes until we got the Halo screen and eventually had to quit and restart as it didn’t load past that.

Third, me and Deg were dropped when the game went into loading screen.

In most games tonight we are experiencing lag as well. Choppy gameplay and delayed inputs.

MrImAjez (my gt)
Tma dgarx3
Starkiller bh

Time stamp
10 48 am

This time we was playing social snipes but it happens in every playlist

This is still happening to me constantly. I can still not load into any non custom games outside of 2v2, and 2v2 only loads me in about 50% of the time.

My original post on the subject can be found here:

9:00PM Pacific, 2/16/19

  • snickerdoodle - Viper Skills - TheLoomx - CrimsonWolf515
    BTB Slayer on Remnant

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Getting kicked off multi-player campaigns have been every night anyone still having same problem.

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: MatchMaking game fail to load
Playlist - Social Game
Map - Blackout
Mode - Slayer, Objective, Sniper(Custome settings)
Size - 4v4
Game - H1~4

The “Connection Interrupted” bug happens to me every time I try to get into a match, this kicks me out of the match immediately after the map begins to load. So much so that the game is entirely unplayable. I want to have some fun playing halo but can’t. Please fix this issue 343.

Gamertags of players in match

Time Stamp
3:30 AEST

Playlist and/or game type
Halo 4 LASO Campaign Playlist || Mission 7: Composer

Matchmaking never works for me. It’s been at least a year and a half and I still can’t play. No matter which game, game type, time, or location it just doesn’t load what so ever. All according to a “connection issue”

I’ve been having several issues. 1. Freezes on loading into a matchmaking game. 2. Halo 3 matches do not have any game audio, but menus still do. 3. Major lag on Halo 3 maps about half way through a match during the same Audio bug. 4. Freezes on the loading out screen after a match. Didn’t have these issues several months ago

I have this problem Alot. I can usually play 2 to 3 matches then at loading screen it sits for a minute then says server connection lost. The same thing happens to my son who is on a separate connection, but same ISP.