fail custom challenges

this is the third time happening to me, whenever i finish a challenge which has a lot of CR in it…the time finishes and i dont claim my CR and the challenge is gone, never to be found in the history, now i dont wanna waste my time over and over trying to finish fail/bugged challenges, bungie must figure this thing out!!! im not wasting more time :S

Is this like dailies, weeklies or what?

re: Custom Challenges

I had to figure this one out too. You have to “submit” the challenge after you complete it.

Kind of wierd, and I don’t think it was explained very well (or at all) by 343. But after I created a custom challenge, I went into the game to complete it. After I was finished, I went back to the Custom Challenge requirements and wondered why I wasn’t awareded the cR.

Then I noticed a button (I’m using iPhone 4s btw) that said “Turn In Challenge” which I thought might mean the same thing as “forfeit challenge”

I checked it out and it said that once I “turn in” the custom challenge the cR would be awarded after the time limit I set has expired.

Hope this helps.

yup ur right, but it says that u claim CR if u press the button “turn in” or when the time of the challenge finishes…from now on imma try pressing the button turn in and see what happens…tnx for the reply btw :slight_smile:

Yes, if you want the cR, then you have to press the “Turn In” button. You can create the same challenge over again and complete it again. But every time you complete a challenge, you will have to turn it in. Then, when the time expires, you get awarded the cR.

Seems the challenges are bugged since sometime last night.

When the time is done they are listed as “completed” but never awarded ( “1st place” ).

> Seems the challenges are bugged since sometime last night.
> When the time is done they are listed as “completed” but never awarded ( “1st place” ).

yeah, i didnt get ANY that i spent a few hours on. i got about 8k if that. i was supposed to get a ton more

I’m happy to see im not the only one experiencing this problem, I hope they fix it soon

It is incorrect that you have to TURN IN the challenge. It will score the cR for you (when it is working correctly) after the time expires, whether you click the TURN IN button or not. “Turn in” is useful if you want to clear a challenge type off your Active Challenges list after you complete it so you can create another of the same type. Say you set up a Headshot FF challenge for 393 kills = 10k cR. If you play 4 rounds of Gruntpocalypse you could probably clear that in about 45 minutes. But the challenge won’t automatically clear and award the credits for 3 hours (the minimum). If you TURN IN the challenge, then you could create another headshot challenge and go back to shooting grunts. In either event it won’t score it for you until the challenge time you set (e.g. 3 hours in this case) has expired.

Like I said, “when it is working correctly”. Right now I have about 43k cR in Custom Challenges over the past 3 days that it has NOT scored for me. Bummer…

Custom Challenges started having issues over the past few days, I noticed mine not working Saturday. Hopefully they will fix it soon… =(((