<mark>Do not make nonconstructive posts.</mark>

Most will hate and say it isn’t true. Some are just blind.
The truth

Most will be happy and content with playing the game instead of letting people on a forum know how much they like it. Haters are the vocal minority.

As long as I get my campaign I’m fine with Halo 5.

EDIT: Also, I’d rather have a game launch succesfully without issue with only half the content than have a game full of content being unplayable…

…looking at you, MCC…looking right at you…

Agree with him 100%.

Stop posting this -Yoinking!- youtube video over and over. Holy crap guys.

343i has only promoted their game to their best effort. People can interpretate how they want.

21 Unique maps, are 21 Unique maps. This is true. Stop getting all high and mighty cause a wannabe controversial youtuber wants to preach.

Play the -Yoinking!- game first, then you can start with this crap.