Faction Commanders

Firstly, we’ve had hero units from the Covenant Empire acting as leaders in Halo Wars such as Ripa Moramee.

This could be improved greatly upon. Both UNSC and Covenant (Or more factions) should have a large range of different commanders and individuality. Multiplayer would be the only thing that sees this of course as people could be granted flavour in their militaries and Canon isn’t damaged. Players would be granted to choose a faction or sub-faction and a respective commander/strategist within it. For example, the broad Covenant Empire could be chosen while offering simple skins for sub-sects in that faction such as Jiralhanae Loyalists or Jul 'Mdama’s Covenant. As a collective this would be highly appreciated by everyone as no drastically game-changing mechanics have to be implemented, only reskins which effect banners, colours and possible slight armour changes. Little details like this keep people a whole lot more invested and pumped into what they’re playing, as does customization in general.

Some ideas:

Covenant Empire (Base Faction) - Jul 'Mdama’s Covenant (Changes)

Faction -
-Loyalist Banner changes to Covenant Symbols on base sites and rally points (flags)
-Sangheili Combat Harness to Storm Harness
-Modifications of weapons/vehicles change

Commanders -
(Covenant Empire)
-Noga 'Putumee
-Thel 'Lodamee

(Jul 'Mdama’s Covenant)
-Gek 'Lhar
-Parg Vol

Obviously could have more commanders and changes but the point is made.

Would you like to see this?

Yes, I wouldn’t say there was a lack of diversity in Halo Wars, however, if they really want to go all out with Halo Wars 2, I really hope it doesn’t just have 6 different commanders, having more definitely will keep players motivated to play longer, and it would generally make gameplay encounters that much more interesting.

Well im guessing anders cutter and the brute from the trailer will be leaders depending on the timeline u could have a skirmisher or elite commander and probably one of the members of red team as a leader


I completely agree and I’m really hoping we get a new race.

I would prefer if they weren’t reskins. What I liked about each hero was that they played differently from each other.

I think the Covenant Commanders are going to be -

Half Jaw/Arbiter - Loyalist elites

Atriox - Brutes

That guy who took over from M Dama - Covenant elites

Remember the game is set post Halo 5 so I’d be surprised if we see non canon commanders like the Prophet of Truth or M Dama.

Faction Leader Predictions


  • Cutter

  • Prof Anders

  • Douglas

  • Laskey

  • Palmer


  • Atriox

  • Saleem

  • Half Jaw

  • Arbiter

  • Prophet


  • Cortana

  • Warden

  • Mendicant Bias

  • Spark

  • Composed Didact

Obviously the Promethean one assumes that they will be a faction and that certain characters will be introduced or come back.

I don’t expect any pre Halo 5 characters to come back.