Faceit / HCS / FFA / Season 2

I am really confused about season 2 and it’s title Lone Wolves and the opportunity/s 343 has missed out on.

I read in a recent update about HCS and the road to the Halo World Cup at he end of the year. That their was going to be weekly FFA tournaments held every Monday evening from the end of May until August.

Now am I thinking it could have been a good idea on 343spart to release a HCS FFA playlist for people to practice as well
As the - rumble pit playlist that is available.

I am enjoying rumble pit but to me it seems they missed a good opportunity to support their grass roots FFA tournament by not implementing this in to the game.

Now I did check out Faceit for the EU tournaments (not that I would be good enough to win, rank high or even get through the first round) but out of curiosity.

To my surprise as of today now… 3 days before the tournament starts. Only 33 places out of 512 available have been taken. I expected their to be more interest.

But with HCS FFA not being in game or no push from 343 to include it any sort… I suppose it’s inevitable that there would be a bad turnout.

Come Monday night I may even sign up to be cannon fodder… if there isn’t a mad rush- for hits and giggles.

A link to the tournament: