FA looking for Team for HCS NA OPEN

Hey guys looking for a serious HCS NA team to compete with!!
Rank: Onyx (cross play)
Schedule is flexible
Can travel when necessary
very good with comms and strats
Have competition exp as well
iGn: Draconic Venom
Please add me or DM me on discord Draconic Venom#8263

Hi my name is Emmanuel Nd my gtag is Xl HERO3K Xl I’ll give all my time Nd 100% effort so we can win The NC trip. I’m onyx 1668 at the moment Nd pretty open minded to different ideas Nd different strats I have a Winning mindset Nd will never give up on the team even if the cards are stacked I’m very hungry to prove myself just never had the opportunity to team with anyone. I play claw Nd been playing halo since 12 Nd started taking it a little at age 18. If u want to team with someone like me I promise not only will u get everything I can give we will also win I would refuse to lose

GAMERTAG: QuaKeI2INasty (I’s are i’s)

1st off I want to say I’m interested & I like your mindset! Secondly, I feel like a team needs all 4 players to have that same mindset, trust & all 4 being committed to the game plan and not changing how you play when your up against the wall. If one person is off page it throws off the whole dynamic of what you’ve been practicing and going over in practice. At that point I feel like you might as well be playing with ransoms in solo queue.

I started playing Competitive Halo around the end of halo 2 a little before Halo 3 was released. I went to MLG Orlando 08, MLG Dallas 08, Columbus 09, Anaheim 09 and The MLG Denver combine. I took a huge break & Halo infinite is the first halo I’ve played competitively or at all period since Halo 3. I’m Onyx 1670ish and am looking for open minded players like myself to collaborate and get to work!

If you are still looking for a team DM me
GT; Humble4538
Discord: Humble#4765

GT Totty totts
Im in lets win