F2P model is not an excuse

Saying its just how the F2P model works is giving 343 an excuse to keep getting away with their crappy behaviour and monetisation schemes. This is Halo, not COD, Fortnite, LoL or Apex. 343 can’t expect people to be happy when they lock people’s favourite armour/pieces behind paywalls/grinding. Customisation is an integral piece of Halo and this is what they are doing to it. It’s abysmal.

First we find out you get absolutely no armour for completing the campaign, now this reddit leak. And if it is true, then mostly everything 343 has said regarding grinding/fomo/payrolls has been a load of crap.


Id say loot boxes are on the horizon

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If there is enough vocalization on how people are willing to spend their money, then we could potentially look at a Battlefront 2 level change. Personally, that’s where I would like to see it go. The system needs to be changed and content just needs to be unlockable.

I don’t feel any underlying stress or manipulation when I boot up MCC.


To be honest the outcry pretty much proves (in an odd way) that this is the direction 343i will take going forward. It proves that people absolutely love customization, and thus it sort of shows how valuable it is to players. If the monetization model was based around something that nobody cares about and you heard next to no complaints or compliments about it, it would show they made a poor choice.

You mean not using the shop as it’s intended purpose. This is what gaming has turned into today and this generation is a huge part of the problem.

Players are being conditioned to believe cosmetics are what makes a game, and they are sadly mistaken.

Cosmetics and customisation are whats part of Halos dna. They literally just took some armour and hidden it behind paywall.

If you think cosmetics/customisation are not important then you obviously haven’t played a Halo game lol :wink::wink:

Imagine Halo 3 having its armours hidden behind $20, people would have hated it

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That’s just it though, 343 knew and knows that it is important to players, and they are taking advantage of that.

This is the worse I have ever seen. I don’t buy the battle passes, so is price gouging going to make me want to spend money?

On top of it, what has 343 offered anyone that doesn’t buy the battle pass to give the incentive to want to buy from their store?


I don’t think many people know this, but Xbox has a company wide policy that loot boxes cannot be included in games unless they’re earnable through gameplay.

And they obviously don’t want us to play to obtain anything lol

Reminder that this is not on Microsoft.

Gears 5 released as a full price first party title filled with microtransactions that were very bad received and drip feeding content killed the multiplayer. Sounds familiar?

I wonder why Forza and Sea of Thieves are in a complete other ballpark regarding player numbers :slight_smile:


What everyone seems to be forgetting is that for people who buy the campaign, it’s not F2P, it’s the 100% expected multiplayer that’s included with campaign…except with astonishingly aggressive and manipulative monetisation of things that should be completely standard!!