F2P is not an excuse

Ah yes. I also think it’s too much sometimes.

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I knew it would end up like this the moment they said multiplayer would be free.


Bit disappointing that they released an unfinished game without core elements of Halo such as forge which won’t be released for up to a year and coop which will take around 6 months.
The campaign is full price and the micro transactions on top of that are hugely overpriced

Ever heard of a beta that you can drop over 1000$ on thats ever had a healthy playerbase? Me either


Free to play was a mistake.

This, if they want a healthy playerbase, they better please the fans.
Do they think that “casuals” F2P players will want to waste time in Infinite when there’s much “attractive” stuff in Warzone Apex or Fortnite? They’ll be bored before reaching lvl 2 on the BP.
The fans are the only sure playerbase that they can hope and even now they F up.

This pay model keeps showing up because people keep buying things. I hate it as well, but we’re not the target audience.

Yeah, had a sinking feeling in Halo 5.

‘customization doesn’t effect gameplay, so stop being a grunt’ i hate this excuse. because for as true as it is, it’s giving the devs reason to CONTINUE this. you do realize that games of old didn’t have ANY of this BR nonsense, and STILL made more if not equal money? and honestly, without the customization, rewarding me for playing the game, i don’t feel the need to KEEP PLAYING THE GAME. may i show you halo Reach, you’d rank up, earn Cr, and the game would show you cosmetics you get for continuing to play. you’d get to the rank, and probably by then you’l have enough Cr to get it. but also by then it would show you what the next rank has to offer. and the cycle continues until your space barbie is to your desired look, keeping the playing engaged and WANTING TO PLAY. or hay, let’s stop jerking Bungie off and see what 343 has done, give there past games some credit. Halo 5, you can earn the very limited customization through grinding for req points, and it ain’t even that hard, just takes a few games. and i feel REWARDED for playing the game decently and getting something back, be it a nameplate, armor, or a weapon skin. or heck, MCC, weekly challenges and the first 100 levels gave you points to spend either on the BP or the exchange, showing you what free stuff you can get, insentivising the player to play and get the stuff.
also if the only reason the game is free is because ‘343 doesn’t owe the players’ then that shows they don’t care. they owe the players, there loyal fanbase, a GOOD GAME. that is there job as game devs, to design and make a game for people to enjoy. and they failed after how long? 5 years? kinda sad isn’t it, when past games had 3 or less years and some had rocky development

At this point I rather MP be like 10 - 20 bucks and have everything much much easier to keep my sanity rather than stressing on -Yoink!- customization.

Feels like utter -Yoink!-.