F2P is not an excuse

Many people are trying to throw around the excuse that because halo infinites multiplayer is free, that somehow excuses their predatory, overpriced, and intentionally grindy system for both the store and battlepass.
I play a lot of free to play games, apex legends being my number one, and they do f2p right. You get enough credits to buy another pass at the end of season OR spend it on a skin, this should be basic battlepass knowledge and is the true way to do “player first”.

To bring up the “player first” thing, heres what they believe giving power to the player means
-a broken battlepass level system were challenges dont work half the time
-no armour customization for free players
-expanding the armour system only to lock it all behind a paywall
-locking armours to specific cores to halt mix and matching
-selling armour for 25$+
This is player first by 343s standard, this isnt too surprising tho after they called us children for hating req packs, but at least you could earn those, halo infinite offers no incentive to play the multiplayer besides grinding the battlepass, theres no rank system until next year.

Armour customization is an important part of halo multiplayer no matter how much you think it matters, being your OWN spartan was the tagline for this games multiplayer, not pay to be your ideal spartan. The prices need to be dropped, or there needs to be a way to earn in game credits or armour besides the battlepass, all this on top of 70$ for the campaign of all things is asking us too much and the armour system is going to end up more hated then the halo 5 one if no one can actually GET the armour they want without shilling cash.

The worst part is that this isnt even a f2p title, the moment you buy the battlepass its no longer free, you are now a paid player, its the same ploy tf2 used to pull in players to their game, its upsetting to see my favourite game franchise in the world fall down this hole and that they used Joseph staten to announce all these things, like who can be mad at joe mans like the equivalent of a puppy.


Being free to play was never a good idea.

It guaranteed egregious predatory micro transactions.

It also guaranteed a slow rollout of content just like halo 5.

Hell this game has launched with probably less content than halo 5 including split screen (unless it is there and I can’t figure it out).

I have tons of issues with the base gameplay but this isn’t about that.

It’s shocking that people accept the lack of content and missing staple modes and features (forge, infection, splitscreen,etc.) when 343 repeatedly and explicitly said they wouldn’t make those mistakes again.


If the only reason Microsoft/343 added these microtransactions was because ‘the game is free’… i’d rather pay for the game, the entire multiplayer, if it meant non of this nonsense was a thing… but moneysoft is gunna be greedy. Honestly, thus far, i’d prefer playing and grinding for Req points in Halo 5 than playing a game of Infinite. At least i’d get something for my work, something worthwhile, rather than another ‘weekly challenge exchange’ thing


whats predatory about never losing a BP and just some cosmetics being only in the shop though? the only real issue is how fast you progress in the BP.


It’s predatory because nearly all armor and cosmetics is paywalled. Including content from previous games. The games entire progression system outside of ranked is geared towards a paid battle pass.

Fortnite cursed the industry with this nonsense.

Also it’s the predatory cost.

Are any of these cosmetics in this game or any other game actually worth the price tag? Absolutely not.


It’s entirely Predatory because of how they sold infinite. Half the reason people like halo is to change their spartan, customization, make their own spartan. It felt rewarding in the old games of Reach and 3. 343 stated they were going back to that, better and improved customization for YOUR OWN spartan… yet it’s behind paywall and a god awful BP. And even then, you progress at a snails pace through the BP


The issue is that in the free battle pass of 100 tiers, there is only 26 free cosmetics. This includes, stances, emblems, armor, visors, AIs, colors, etc. I counted. There are only 2 free helmets, 3 free chest pieces, 1 right shoulder, 1 left shoulder. For the majority of the free battle pass, players will have at least 1 default armor equipped and in the worst case there is only 1 alternative piece. The majority of all cosmetics are locked behind a pay wall with terribly slow progression. They promised that colors wouldn’t be locked behind a payed wall and customization wouldn’t feel limited but they delivered the exact opposite.


I am so freaken tired of this type of game model, but each company has the cooperate “good idea” fairy that loiters in their heads. Fun fact, never listen to the “good idea” fairy. I wonder how this game will do in the EU since they take a heavy no BS stance against this type of behavior.


from what i can tell only a few MK7 armor piece are in the store. You can get the majority of the armor from the BP which NEVER goes away I might add, so its not like you have to grind with FOMO.

Its confirmed to have campaign customization unlocks.

And you are able to get free customization unlocks from completing Weekly challenges.

So there are options and to call it predatory, is very much an over dramafication.

I like that part of the battlepass, but it needs some currency like every other game around to give players something to spend, especially with the prices that 343 is asking if us. Its predatory because nothing is free, it was compared to reach but yet its missing 40% of the sets because theyre paywalled, and the prices cannot be justified for anything, this is beyond worse then halo 5 in terms of customization and monetization


At least with Halo 5’s microtransactions, you can EARN the ingame currency through playing the game. AND you get rewarded. In infinite, you HAVE TO PAY, no questions asked. and the most you get ‘for free’ are the stupid ‘weekly challenge exchange’ thing. Honestly Infinite so far makes Halo 5 look like the better game in terms of microtransactions


im not saying the shop isnt over priced, and yes there needs to be a major rework, but its far from the worst, and really not predatory, simply becasue the BP dosnt go away. you pay 10$ and never have to worry about missing out with the BP

But theres no currency, like every other game, if you could earn like say, 10,000 and they made it so the only way to buy a battlepass was with flatout money then i could justify all this, but its made to milk cash, its even made grindy to encourage buying levels, made even worse by the fact that challenges are bugged. We are being sold the halo reach battlepass AGAIN with HALF of the content this time, and theres no currency to spend in the shop so everything else is a flat purchase.


After watching BF5 try for two years to go the “paid game, so you’ll get better content” against F2P competition and getting absolutely annihilated in terms of both total player base as well as player retention, I disagree. I think the best long term plan was/is for Halo to be F2P.

Unrelated to you, I guess I must be a party pooper here on the forum. I find it funny people are complaining about the free tracks of the BP. If you went to a store and there was a toy on the shelf that said free, and premium version of the toy for $10, do you really expect that free toy to be even remotely as cool?

No. The answer is no. The free toy would be lame in comparison. But it would still be a lot of fun for a lot of kids who don’t want to spend $10.


Is that so? May I oh so kindly direct your attention to CoD Cold war and its battle pass. There’s no useless ‘weekly exchange’ token and the stuff that is there for free are ACTUAL CUSTOMIZATION stuff. No ‘double xp’ trash. Customization, not as good as premium, sure, but good enough to be acceptable. Charms, namepalates, emblems, a watch, maybe a gesture or vehicle skin. or okay weapon skin. Unlike infinite, CoD’s BP doesn’t feel bloated and forced payment.
Or another game, one rather underrated and made my a small team. Super Animal Royal. A BR game, yes. but the Battle pass has worthwhile stuff for both free and premium players, and isn’t at all bloated with worthless stuff. Even some of the free spots is the ingame currency and just enough for you to fully buy the pass. AND you’re able to go back to prior Passes. Infinite has no excuse


No battlefield 5 did exactly what halo 5 did.

Try to sell itself incomplete and be a live service game simultaneously. Obviously that is a bad idea and both games failed.

What everyone should demand is a complete package for a reasonable price. Thats it end of story. F2P is a disease in the industry.

Paid dlc such as map packs and modes/campaigns are also fine provided they are worth the cost.

The live service model is both garbage from a dollar to content value ratio, and subpar collective package overall, every single time.


Nah man. Most all microtransactions are predatory. This is far from the worst, so in that regard it’s not as predatory as it could be. But yeah these transaction schemes only exist to shake you down. The thing is we all notice large transactions when it hits our wallets. But we rarely notice a few bucks here and there. That’s what they count on, they count on people not realizing they spend over 1000 over 3 years in the game and multiply that by over possibly 100,000 to a million people. That’s what they count on. The never expiring battle pass is great but yeah they need to not be so greedy with it.
I would say lower prices make stuff like special armors and patterns behind the pay wall and everything else goes into the battle pass.


I think a better version of your example would be to compare a $10 toy to a free picture of said toy.

The fact of the matter is they created a system where you are heavily encouraged to spend real money to get the items you want.

They may not be preying on you or me but they absolutely are counting on those die hard fans who will go the distance and buy the premium battle pass, stuff from the shop, and of course, level ups.

The credits are a joke because all they do is allow them to inflate the prices to whatever they want. There’s no way you or anyone can justify that an armor core is 2,000 made up points ($20).


It’ll probably do fine in the EU. Unless laws were updated recently the main issue that was accounted for so far were randomized loot boxes because of how they were basically gambling that was accessible to kids.

Would be curious to see how this would fall under regulatory practices not just in the EU but the international markets when it comes to how Battle Passes have been set up for multiplayer games as of late because so far this system is all about enticing consumers with exactly what they know they’d be getting from cosmetics. It’s the psychology of how people want optional cosmetics that would be difficult to regulate because it’s the essential basis of all optional goods in life being peddled to folks in life. Lootboxes were (relatively) easy to regulate and kill once the legislative ball got rolling because of the random luck factor involved to associate it with gambling but here it’s tougher

And to top it all off if I get tired of this shitstorm I can’t even play halo reach because they killed it’s servers…