F.T.W. Police BY BrahmastraHD

Hey guys, its BrahmastraHD and I’d like to give you a video series called F.T.W. Police and I am really hoping you click on the episodes below and subscribe for more stuff, as well as following me on Twitter and Facebook.

F.T.W. Police Epiosde 1

F.T.W. Police Episode 2

F.T.W. Police Episode 3

F.T.W. Police Episode 4

F.T.W. Police Episode 5

F.T.W. Police Episode 6

F.T.W. Police Episode 7

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hey, loved the first episode! great production and voice acting (the little brother was hilarious)
how long time does it take too make such a video of your quality?

i do think some people will be offended by this (mexicans). so be a little careful sometimes about what you put in.

Ah yes the first episode…long ago it was used as a trial to see if I can actually do machinima. It worked and I’ve now made almost 8 episodes. The mexican bit was intentionally trying to depict the stereotype of hispanic people and was in no way trying to cross any lines. That was me back then but now, it isn’t passable anymore yet the chips do fall where they may. You also pointed out on how long it takes for quality videos to come out and I answer it like this. The writing process usually takes me around a week to get made and it takes twice that to make the episode. Although personal matters do get in the way so I’ve no control over when it comes out. I also strive to improve over the next few episodes and usually take inspirations from other machinimas like Red vs. Blue to see how they handle it. You could see from my latest episodes that it has improved a lot! Hope you enjoyed it!

im gonna watch the episodes now(in my bed :3)