F O B - Ammo Crates & Weapon Crate Idea

After playing the co-op flight, I was hit with an immediate idea for the FOBS.
Which makes sense to me and should be added.

SO, when you go to capture a FOB, there are ammo crates when the Banished are there.
But as soon as you claim it? POOF just GONE from Existence.
AND in Co-Op there is some serious delay to Spawning Weapons from the Crates
AND also sometimes you don’t even get FULL AMMO. Sometimes you do. It is so weird.
ANYWAY - Possible Bug aside

even Solo, it would be nice to just… go up to a Kinetic Ammo Crate and refill than having to go through a Weapon Box and Spawn a weapon.
Speaking of Weapon Box Spawning. The Menu when you have ALL the weapons unlocked…
IS DISGUSTING. Scrolling Left and Right many clicks just to find what you want.
Either give us a Search bar (Meh, please do not)
OR → Put a Secondary Menu in. Let us Pick UNSC or Banished
and then go by Category.

ALSO Grenade Boxes Please. I know that could be OP to just go to a FOB and get extra 'nades, but seriously, also makes no sense for there to not be grenades around these FOBs, and if the Marines were Smart they would be going out and claiming all they can to survive. Like real people do in War Situations.
Meaning it would 10000% make sense for grenades and banished weapons to be around the base as well as ammo crates.

I am also hoping more weapons are added, the Armory is a little boring…
The banished feel like they all have Special Weapons or Pistols and like 1 Rifle…
It would also be nice to see the SMG, LMG and maybe some of the Classic Halo Weapons from CE, Reach, 3, and ODST make an Appearance in the game. Even in the Campaign and not just Multiplayer.
Wouldnt mind getting a SSMG and Automag and blasting the Banished to bits with them.
The CHUM MAKER (could be a good name for a skin for the SSMG too)