F**k you 343

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This games gameplay is awesome, but that is it. The team balancing in this game is the worst. I I’m platinum and I get gold and onyx players constantly, go against full teams constantly when I’m playing solo (then everyone leaves on my team and I’m the only one left!), no social playlists that CAME OUT WITH THE GAME (which is FKING LAZY), and team balancing doesn’t even exist in warzone. Fk 343, fk the moderator who is going to ban this post, fk Halo from now on. Good job, you just lost a dedicated player that reads/owns all the books and games after 14 YEARS OF DEDICATION TO HALO!

Kicking and screaming isn’t going to get you what you want.

The matchmaking really isn’t that bad, it just needs some tweaks and more harsh punishments for people who leave. They’ve opened themselves up in the Forum Team posts for feedback, try framing your response in a less juvenile manner there, and maybe you’ll see some change.

I know you’re just going to come back and scream at me though, I’m not sure why I’m even trying.