F/A Looking for Company

I’m looking for a medium-large company that has weekly battles within itself and other companies.

I’m not looking for companies with tournaments here and there.

As an example, here’s the clan I loved in H4.

100+ members, split into several “branches” or divisions. Each division had an Alpha and Bravo team, these were the 10 best players in the division (1 substitute per team.) and there was a casual team in each division where the roster changed each week. Every week Alpha and Bravo’s of each division would face each other, then the winning teams of the 4 would face each other. There was a seasonal “3 months” ladder that was tracked by squad leaders. Entry could only be gained by challenging a member on a team to a 1v1 best of 3 and winning. On top of this, the challenger would run 5 games with the rest of the squad to determine their callout ability, teamwork, and overall chemistry with the others.

These teams were very dedicated, with practices every day where they’d 2v2 within themselves, and 4v4 alpha vs bravo within divisions. They would spend a great deal of time determining strategies and setups, and finding who’s strengths could cover who’s weaknesses.

Basically, I’m looking for a company that is very competitive within itself. I’m not proclaiming to be a phenomenal player or anything, but I feel that I’m good enough to play competitively and I’ve grown sick of playing 90% of my games by myself.

4.3/5 Magnum/BR (this is improving, recently edited a lot of controller settings and my shot is getting better every day)
4.5/5 Sniper (overall, typically it’s on point taking face after face, but some days it’s just not with me)
4.9/5 Communication (beyond the “p2 one shot” callouts, I tell you where I am, where I’m going, if you’re alone, if I’m coming up on you, and timing powerups)
4.7/5 Grenades (I’ve been told they’re nice)
4.8/5 Tactics (my gameplay is how I make up for a sometimes lousy magnum)
4.9/5 Map movement/knowledge

Hey Awnics

As per your message, Aegis is pretty much exactly what you’re describing. We currently have 3 main divisions (Huntsmen, Vanguard and Infantry) each with companies and squads. Whilst we don’t have many internal matches between squads, we are working on it as more active members join. We would be happy to have you join us.

If youd like to know more, it would be easier for me to explain everything in person (well party) and I can have you run some matches with us to know what we are all about.
My GT is Belly391