F/A looking for clan

looking for a clan consisting of 4+ players for halo reach. my k/d is 1.26 but 9/10 times i will go positive in mm if i go alone 7+/10 with a friend or two. i do not go into casual clans, i am a hardcore gamer. GT: flameboy2261 message me on xbox. i also do not change my service tag or my spartan.

In what way are you a try hard? As in not standing there and spinning in circles, or getting annoyed? Or try-hard as in don’t take it TOO seriously, but you do try and top the leaderboards? Basically, I’ll join if you aren’t a stress head and just want to play well and with a sense of co-ordination. I’ll join if that’s the case. :slight_smile:

im the try-hard that doesnt take it too seriously but try to top everyone else and win. but it seems i am joining the dropshock brigade at the moment. will post on this thread again if i fail to join them

UNSC Spartan Team Omega

If all fails with DB, you may check out our website.