F/A ISO for HCS open bracket or 3 other open minded players

Gamertag - QuaKeI2INasty (The I’s are i’s)
Ranked Arena Rank:
Open cross play - Onyx (1676) - (could be higher but I solo queue 95% of my games)
Solo/Duo Controller - Onyx 1512 - (Got to onyx in solo/duo & immediately went back to open crossplay solo queue.

I’ll start by saying I’m interested in starting or joining a team for the HCS open bracket tournaments with 3 other open minded players like myself who are on a decent amount and want to practice as much as possible. I personally feel like a team needs all 4 players to have an open mindset and can execute and stay Committed to our Gameplan regardless of how backed up against the wall we might be, if one person is off page it throws off the whole teams dynamic of what you’ve been practicing and going over in practice, at that point it might I feel like we might as well be playing in solo queue by yourself with no comms.

I started playing Competitive Halo around the end of halo 2 a little before Halo 3 was released. I went to MLG Orlando 08, MLG Dallas 08, Columbus 09, Anaheim 09 dand The MLG Denver combine. I took a huge break & Halo infinite is the first halo I’ve played competitively or at all period since Halo 3. I’m Onyx 1670ish and am looking for open minded players like myself to collaborate and get to work!

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You Still looking?just started taking serious looking for 2 for the e open already signed up

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if you are still looking for a team DM me.
GT: Humble4538
Discord: Humble#4765

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How do i get in to Spartan company

Looking to join if your still looking for a teamate!? Been playing multiplayer for over 15 years. Halo is my life ! I need a teamate to also wanna join me for cash tournaments please. I have found a bunch of websites that host tournaments for cash prizes! I am also enrolled for the hcs opening on the 8 and even the next one. Please

Yes im down but got to invite me or whatever i don’t know how to do all of that stuff and i played the halos when they all first cam out im rusty but getting better 8 got a sniper its game over thow