Ez Farm Challenges - Has is always been this way?

Not sure these “challenges” are really a challenge at all. I mean “play this leader 3-9 times” or “win 3 <insert faction> matches” seems a bit lazy. But that’s beside the point; i found a way to potentially do all 3 daily’s (or 1 weekly) in 18:00. 18 minutes and 0 seconds on the dot in custom games which is found under the multiplayer tab. All you have to do is set up a custom 1v1 as whatever leader you have a challenge for (I tested on Isabel/cutter/forge) and play as you would normally then at 2min you can resign and get a completion on 1 of the matches required for the challenge. So effectively you run 3 custom matches (6min in-game time total) and complete one daily. Has this been the case since launch? I just got back into the game after a long hiatus and now that I found this out I’m having a hard time justifying actually playing all the matches with different leaders when I could just farm the XP and go back to playing whoever I want.

It wasn’t always like that. In the beginning you had to play matchmaking to complete challenges, but eventually they changed it so challenges could be completed in custom games.

Oh ok. Any idea as to why they’d make their challenges exploitable when they weren’t originally? Seems like the old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” would apply.

A good concept but kinda poorly executed, I also feel like the exp or so for playing, say, 9 Matches with Jerome (9 x 20 min. game online, regardless if you win or not= 180 min or 3 hours) when I can farm exp in Blitz and call it a day would also make them useless, It lacks variety, no doubt, but imagine challenges like: “Win a online match without losing a single building”, or similar challenges which gives you around 200K Exp, It would be the definitive high risk-high reward challenges as your attention would be centered on not losing a building, which could harm your overall playstyle, pulling people out of their comfort zone which, obviously would lead them to lose the game, with MCC recieving heavy updates (which include weekly challenges) maybe they could see back at HW2 and think of a better system with challenges like I mentioned, which I quite literally ripped off Reach, with the LASO Challenges.

I completely understand that they’re prioritizing MCC but it begs the question why not add more complex challenges from the start? Couldn’t have been that resource intensive. Regardless I like where your head is at with the challenges that would be incredibly difficult to complete and have really good rewards. Not every challenge should be completable by every player. It should force you to adapt; invoke an urge to overcome the obstacle. Put players in more of a “spartan” mindset ya know? Feels like Weenie Hut Jr’s over here!