Extremely long loading times to enter matches

Nearly every time I’ve tried to load into a match, the game will often take 15-20+ minutes just to find a server and load the map (with the map loading often freezing at either 35% or 52%), and sometimes either crashing the game altogether or telling me that “there was a problem with the dedicated server” and booting me back to the main menu. This has been occurring for me across both PC and xCloud streaming. Has anyone else been having this issue?

Before I say anything, what kind of storage is your PC using for Halo Infinite?

At the moment on PC I’m using the standard 500GB hard drive that was included in this PC when I obtained it.

Ah, I suspected as much.

Halo Infinite has snappy load times on Xbox Series X|S due to running on a speedy internal SSD.

Similar (although not exactly identical) speeds could be obtained by installing one in yours and running Halo Infinite on it.

I’m having same problem on loading times. It also gives me “ you have lost connection to game server after every game. I have the game on a ssd.

I have been looking into getting an SSD for my device, but as stated in the original post, this issue has also been occurring for me when playing through xCloud streaming, which is using the SSD inside of an Xbox Series X. I could fully understand it being the case for my PC, but it’s the fact that it doesn’t work there either that confuses me.

Okay, hearing that from both of you, now I’m curious. What do your upload and download speeds look like on the networks you’re using?

Because part of loading into a game is retrieving assets from storage and loading it into the RAM, and another part is downloading information from the server you’re connected to in matchmaking.

On the network I am currently using, I have a download speed of 91.72mbps and an upload speed of 24.48mbps, both when connected directly via ethernet on my desktop PC.

Mine is 17 down 1 up

Okay, your network is operating at good speeds.

It’s probably your hardware configuration at this point, I would look into adding an SSD into your computer.

I don’t want to say that it’s the definitive answer to your issue, but those network speeds are probably what’s slowing down your load times.

17 MBPs is adequate in most cases for download, but 1 MBPs is too slow for upload.

Yeah I’ll definitely keep looking into that.

It’s weird though, I’ve had some games take a while to load but never to this extent. The previous betas loaded pretty quickly, though that might’ve just been luck.

My dear friend, if you are on a PC you need to really check on your where you are saving your game on. SDD is what it needs to be used, the better the faster not only the loading but on your computer overall.

The loading time on an Xbox Series S/X is due to have an SDD with Velocity Technology that is directly connected to the CPU.

Also the internet speed is very important, I do not have any kind of issues but I am having a 500mb/s right now via Ethernet Cable.

Check your HDD/SDD, give maintanance to it and check you network speed.

Remember that Download Speed is how fast the information is gettting to you and the upload speed is how fast you are sending the information to receive information.

Both are really important.

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I found my fix for this. Clear game cache and run as admin. I’m running through Steam btw.

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Yep, I’m currently looking into getting an SSD for my PC, but my other statement that I’m confused about is why this same loading issue I’m experiencing on PC is happening when playing over xCloud, which is using the technology from a Series X (and it’s SSD).

As for the internet speed, across both wired and wireless, I’m looking at ~100mbps download and ~30mbps upload, which should both be no issue. This is an issue I’ve only ever noticed with Halo Infinite, and only this specific version of it.

I’m gonna try that later and see if it makes a difference.

I have had the same problem at times. I think it because of the routing to servers. We cannot select regions like in Halo MCC. Hell the routing may be going to China, or Euro Countries before its get to a game server. We need to be able to select regions to the closest servers to us.