Extremely displeased with Halo Infinite on multiple levels

While I get changes are being made, there are still massive glaring problems within this game that need to be fixed. With this being Halo’s 6th installment, my expectations are high, as they should have modeled after the successes of their previous games, and made appropriate changes from the failures (looking at you MCC). Here’s what I’ve put together so far from many hours per day of gameplay.

  1. While xp progress feels a little better, it is still very unrewarding. 50xp per game whether you win or lose is a great start, but then there is no motivation to win. Literally I’ve had multiple teams where we all load into the map, and then my partners throw the game as quickly as possible to get into the next match to grind that 50xp per game. There is no reward for how you perform in-game, and there is no bonus if you win. I do feel having these things would make the leveling experience much better overall.

  2. The battle pass is underwhelming on the paid side. While I like that a majority of the cosmetics are reserved to those who do pay for the premium battle pass, the rewards on the premium side still feel lack-luster. Weapon and vehicle colorations are only for specific weapons and vehicles, right and left shoulders take up separate levels (like really? talk about cutting corners), and armor is locked to specific cores (so if you aren’t using that core, you really received next to nothing). I’m not saying remove the armor cores, because I doubt they can/will do that, but remove the requirement to fit only a certain armor core and make each core (base) unique. Then at least you can use what you just earned without having to completely change cores every time.

  3. Challenges. What we were promised is not what we were given. It was promised that challenges would not make us play a certain way, but allow us to complete them while playing the way we prefer. Instead what we got was challenges that force players into certain modes, or to use certain weapons (they may not be proficient with) in order to complete them. Also, the ability for players to complete them in the bot lobby (specifically lower skilled players) was reduced significantly.

  4. MMR is still unbalanced. I’ve seen multiple complaints across the web on why high-skilled players are getting matched against significantly less skilled players (complaints are coming from both sides). This is in rated and unrated matches. Overall the matchmaking system needs to be evaluated. I’ve had games where I’ve walked through players like they are standing still, and games where I’ve been absolutely obliterated. Neither are all that fun.

  5. Weekly reward challenges. Why are these a thing? Isn’t completing 20 weekly challenges enough to warrant getting a reward? Why do you have to lock it behind yet ANOTHER challenge (also, that cannot be swapped out). Also, said challenge violates previous promise of getting to play how you want, not how 343 is forcing you to play.

  6. Shop prices. I understand everyone needs to make a buck and you can’t give everything away for free, but shop prices are ridiculous. Also, it was promised prior to release that most cosmetics would be available through gameplay, yet what we are seeing is most cosmetics are available through the shop for anywhere from $10 - $20 each week.

  7. Tenrai event. Sounded great when it first came out, and the cosmetics promised looked awesome. Then we open up the battle pass for the Tenrai event and see…challenge swaps and XP granting over a majority of the battle pass. Also, we are restricted to 7 challenges in week 1? Weren’t we promised that we could progress how we wanted and our progress would be saved event to event? If I want to grind out 20 levels in week 1, because I may not be available weeks 2 and 3, I should be able to do so. Why am I limited to only 7 in week one? Why is the battle pass mostly consumable items, when we were promised some sweet cosmetic loot? Why is a majority of the items featured for the tenrai event not on the battle pass?

I have loved playing Halo, and game play-wise, Halo Infinite is doing really well. However, with everything listed above it makes it really hard for me to want to continue to play multiplayer, let alone purchase Halo Infinite when it comes out December 8th. I really don’t want this to be another MCC where it takes you 4 years to listen to the community and get it to a playable state where it feels fun. I know I’m not the only one with these issues (I know because I’ve seen literally dozens of Youtube videos on these problems). I just wanted to add my voice to the cacophony so hopefully 343 will make quick changes.

I know they are still “promising” changes to come after the holidays, but what are we to do until then? Basically miss out I guess. Not really a great response personally. I’d like to think if they know they will be making these changes that they’ll offer multiple opportunities to the community (at least until the 8th when it goes “live”) so they can enjoy the rewards from a flawed system, rather than have to wait until it is fixed and realize they got shafted.