extremely comcerned for halo 4 multiplayer

after watching the mlg halo 4 videos i became very excited for the game, but also extremely concerned. i heard them mention extra damage perks which sounds like call of duty and sounds very unbalanced. i love halo for many reasons, one big reason is it is fairly balanced. also the forerunner vision allows you to see people behind walls but YOU CANT TELL WHEN SOMEONE IS USING IT ON YOU…THEY DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT… then as i watched further it seems kills have been eliminated. the game isnt about kills anymore its about getting points. now i dont hate this entirely, it would be really cool and fun IF it was just A SINGLE MODE OF PLAY. but as far as i can tell it ELIMINATES KILL BASED SCOREING, which to me feels very UNLIKE halo. also the one team could get a 100 kills in a match but the other team might get 60 kills but the team that got 60 kills were worth more points so they win…i dont like that at all.

i know that this game nis still being made, worked on and tweeked. and i love the look of the game. i love that the covenant carbine and battle rifle are back. there are a lot of things that i like about halo 4 but those things that i mentioned may ruin it for me, well the multiplayer atleast. i love that armor lock is GONE. this ability from reach is EXTREMELY UNBALANCED AND CHEAP as when you get stuck with a plasma grenade you use armour lock and the grenade flys off you and onto the enemy player. and when you come out of armor lock your melee is a instant 1 hit kill. also ive noticed that ive used the sword on someone i HIT THEM AND THEN A SECOND OR 2 PASSES THEN THE GUY USES ARMOR LOCK AND ITS LIKE I NEVER HIT HIM… WTF. yes so the replacement for this in halo 4 is that front shield and im more then happy with it.