extraction though and diff playlist addition

first of great maps 343 congrats they are beautiful and play very well. They aresome of the best on the game, Haven still rules but good job, any way to my point please in the future let extraction have its own play list. I love it it is great like alternate version of dominon. I can see adding it to objective play list but then ppl usualy pick ctf. Also mantis is needed in wreakage! I bought halo4 and black ops and just so you know I cant put halo down I have played ops also but take it out after a few matches and throw in halo you have outdone your self halo feels like more of a mature game with the greatness of childhood splatters!

I agree, I really hope they give Extraction it’s own playlist in the near future. It’s a lot of fun to play so it definitely would be nice to be able to play it anytime I want rather than having to hope it comes up as an option and then gets voted for.