extra credit achievement bug

Bug:Extra Credit Achievement
Description: Challenge 2 of A-1 says 641 kills for 50 magnum kill thus not letting get the 90 out of 90 Challenges completed for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Please help thank you.

Please note my challenges list 89 out of 90 and all other challenges are completed.

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Just for clarifications sake, what platform are you on?

unbrokensoul, you are experiencing the Counter Glitch. I suggest you post there to let 343i know that people are still affected by this and you’d like a fix.

A community member found a workaround for Xbox One, explained in the first post. However, on 360 as far as we know, the only remedy would be to redo all 90 Assault Ops offline. I attempt to summarize other known information here.

Math Guy: This is getting old. You would think 343 would of fix this glitch by now.

I completely agree that it should have been fixed by now, as should the Halo 4 achievement issues. I keep hoping for a real response from 343i. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything else we community members can do besides point others to the correct thread and the partial workaround (in the case of Extra Credit).

360 and one

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I also went to that one forum explaining both ways to fix the problem still did not work.

Have 89/90 complete it say when should have all and my achievemts app on one says 86% completed.

Wonderful i lost my save on xbox one still have it for 360…

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Please use this thread to report new cases of this issue. Thank you.