Extra cR in anticipation for 343's Halo games; thoughts?

I actually only bought Reach last week, but I’ve been playing it (as a Guest) on my buddy’s console pretty regular since launch. As such, I never paid much attention to Rank, and severely underestimated just how addicting it can be to customize your appearance.

Now, I’m actually pretty stoaked about the Halo Anniversary, though there hasn’t been a whole lot of information on it that I could find (specifically, whether or not it will function as an “expansion” like ODST, or if it will be a blank-slate Rank system). But before we go all “Out with the old, in with the new”, what about doing a cR boost for Reach, before the new stand-alone release (be it the Anniv., or Halo 4)?

That’s not to suggest that everybody should be hitting Inheritor without even trying, but – and maybe this is just being a bit selfish on my part – it’d be nice for such a thing to at least be plausible before the next big release, assuming you’re a really dedicated player, whereas now it’s a little more of a pie-in-the-sky for all but the most hardcore of the hardcore (I would consider myself merely hardcore; Hardcore level 1, if you will).

But, as I said, that’s just me, and I’m probably going to be biased anyways, given how late my official Reach career started. Still, anyone else out there who would like to see some kind of cR boost?

I would imagine your rank will just continue on through the anniversary. This means you have a year and some change to keep ranking up, however I will never be opposed to more Credits, :slight_smile:

Well CEA won’t have new multiplayer it will be on Reach so you have until Holiday 2012 to play Reach.

Why would people want Cr for reach if they can play Halo 4 by that time? "Just a thought

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you right, so if I’m not, just disregard.
Halo: CEA won’t have a ranking system. Its been a few years since I played Halo:CE, but iirc, there wasn’t any type of ranking system being that it was never an online game, multiplayer or otherwise. Or character customization. Therefore there was never a need for ranking.
Now, in the matchmaking portion (read: not the xbox co-op), there will be a ranking system. It will use Reach’s ranking system as the maps that come with Halo: CEA are for Reach, not for Halo: CEA. So whatever your rank is in Reach, that will be your rank when playing on the maps that come with Halo:CEA.
This is just the way I understand it, and they could possibly integrate Reach’s ranking system into Halo:CEA’s campaign and co-op, but I highly doubt it. On the brightside though, there will be campaign achievements so if you look at those as your rank, then you can “rank” that way.

> Why would people want Cr for reach if they can play Halo 4 by that time? "Just a thought

That’s kind of my thinking; once Halo 4 comes out (assuming H:CEA doesn’t even have its own ranking system), Reach will probably suffer the same fate as Halo 3, where only the top-tier players are loyal. Until that point, why not boost cR gains, so it’s at least realistic to hit Inheritor rank before the next big release?

Yeah,but then prepare for Haunted Helmet Invasion.