Exterminator mastery!

I don’t understand how to get points into the exterminator mastery. I keep getting points but I can not for the life of me figure out how I am getting them. Thank you very much.

I believe you have to kill everysingle enemy on the other team atleast once during the game.

No multikills needed.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

I do that every game, but it rarely get anything… it’s weird

It might just not say you got it. I got the Mastery for Exterminator earlier, does it unlock anything?

It unlocks the Recruit TIGR legs

It is indeed for killing every enemy on the opposing team at least once. However, if someone quits and you didnt kill them before-so, then you cant earn the commendation point.


You must kill all opponents who finish the game.

Play a lot of SWAT, you’ll get the commendation in no time

That’s literally the easiest commendation to complete. If you play the game as normal, you should complete it in no time.

> It unlocks the Recruit TIGR legs

Which reminds me, is there anymore to the TIGR set or is it just the legs?

Also, I find the easiest way to finish it is Grifball. You usually swat everyone atleast once.