Exterminations Present in Triple Team Slayer?

Pingy replied to a question in his comments on that video asking if Exterminations were now fixed, and he said he’s noticed they only get awarded in that Triple Team Slayer playlist and “don’t appear to get awarded correctly” when he got them. I have a feeling they were being awarded correctly based off of the beta’s system for Exterminations in that enemy players may or may not be able to respawn, but Halo 3’s system of awarding one if every enemy player was dead on an Overkill regardless of the number of players. This means he could get the Extermination against 6 enemies with an Overkill if that specific kill resulted in all of the enemies either in game or on that specific team were currently respawning.

343, is there any validity as to why Exterms are functioning, albeit somewhat in only a temporary rotational playlist? Or does this actually work now all-around?

Clip 1 @ 1:19 earns an Overkill Extermination; Clip 2 @ 3:30 earns a Killtrocity Extermination