Extermination Commedation...

I have 17/18 for the Extermination Commedation and need one more to master it. It’s the one where you have to kill every opponent that finished the match atleast once. I got in to a game of SWAT just now and got 3 killing sprees with a total of 35 kills and I’m 99.9% sure I killed everyone once at the least. Is there a reason it’s not going up?

its possible someone left and joined at the end of the match that you didnt kill.

i feel like the commendations glitch sometimes. I remember i got 2 perfections in infinity slayer but it only marked for one. I had one with 15 kills and my second one with 22 kills, but it never rewarded me.

Maybe someone quit right at the end?

I think that commendation is a little wonkey…i’ve been stuck on 13/18 on expert or something for a few days now. Pretty sure I’ve gotten at least 1 exterm by now.

Idk I finished that commendation 100% no problem by like SR-20, You have to kill everyone on the other team that FINISHED THE MATCH, which means if someone quits, and then someone joins right at the end, you won’t get it.

now i could be wrong but this is how i feel this commendation works… plz dont quote me for i have no bases to stand on(i really dont know how i got master on mine)

ok now for my .02, well you know you do your thing and finish the game well in the few seconds(i think its 30 seconds) before you leave the game after its done and you have that small window between the finishing kill and going back to the score board… you and your team must kill the remaining Spartans that remain… for example in 4v4 slayer winning kill means 3 remaining Spartans so get your team mates to kill the remaining 3 of the remaining enemy team…

now i could be wrong and im sry if it dont make much sense i really dont know how else to explain it