People are saying not to complain when the maps are free?

Are you kidding me, you are not seeing the problem here. They were trying to SELL us this crap, They were not meant to be free.

I am so reliefed and happy i didn’t buy LE or I would have gone nuts, I hate being cheated.

Last month I wanted to buy a truck and as soon as i was about to buy it I saw that the transmission was cracked. I was so glad I saw what was wrong and didn’t buy it, this is exactly how I feel about 343i right now.

Im so glad that I saw what they were trying to sell me, now we know.

343i, you need to do a SUPERB job to get people to buy your next DLC by the masses.

I know they have mooney and DLC sales won’t affect them but it must be very discouraging if the DLC doesn’t sell as expected. Hopefully they know what is wrong, obviously wrong.

I convinced that people that like these maps are HUGE btb fans or are liking them in order to consult themselves to justify they were not ripped off but in reality they were,

Exactly. There seems to be no thought put into the design of these maps. I am glad I did not buy this map pack yesterday, instead I decided to wait until today.

Played a few games on each map and I have to admit, this is absolute garbage. All the maps look the same, a few large rocks, some plain hills and some garbage randomly placed around the map. Top it off with overkill lighting that ruins the experience even more.

And how does that make you feel?

These maps are garbage. Really upset that I bought the Map Pass. :frowning:

Opinions! Opinions everywhere!