Explosive and Pulse Grenades

Why does this upgrade not make the pulse grenade radius bigger?

nobody has noticed this?

Because the Pulse Grenade does not explode when you throw it out.

Because the weakest grenade out of all of the, would be too OP otherwise.

Op? You start with 1 and it’s the worst grenade!

Its the most amazing one, idk what you guys are talking about.

The pulse grenade is great for fishing people out of cover.

I dunno man. It’s cool but it’s not even worth taking. Not when you start with 2 of everything else

I think it’s a bit OP already. It has two chances of killing, and drains shields quickly. When you first throw it, it can kill somebody, because from what I’ve seen it does in fact “explode” twice; the first is when it is first deployed, and half of my Pulse grenade kills are from that original blast. When it’s deployed, you can use it to drain an enemy’s shields as they’re coming towards you, then shoot them a few times and have an easy kill. And then it has another explosion after a few seconds. It’s very powerful as it is, you just need to use it properly. :smiley:

No idea, I think the grenade is useless anyways.

> Op? You start with 1 and it’s the worst grenade!

Sarcasm doesn’t carry well over the internet…

> > Op? You start with 1 and it’s the worst grenade!
> Sarcasm doesn’t carry well over the internet…

Definitely wasn’t sarcasm

If you direct hit someone with a Pulse Grenade, unless they have really good reflexes they’re dead. The first explosion (sphere expansion) does huge damage without the explosives perk, and then the drain alone can kill them in only a second or two, let alone the closing explosion.

I do think you should get 2 though.

> > > Op? You start with 1 and it’s the worst grenade!
> >
> > Sarcasm doesn’t carry well over the internet…
> Definitely wasn’t sarcasm

I’ve not used it too often, but it’s killed me a few times. I think it works pretty well. If you know how to use it, it can kill quite quickly, and it’s great for flushing enemies from cover. The Pulse grenade paired with Promethean Vision would be a pretty powerful combination.

Well I use it all the time and it works excellent with my BR. I can get 1 hit headshots becuase their shields are often gone. And there is pretty much two explosions, it just takes some practice to use effectively. Being able to stick to Any surface is another big part of using it too.

I really don’t care for the pulse grenade, I think it’s the weakest of the three.

I personally don’t make it part of a Loadout simply because you only get one, but when they appear on the map, I make it a point to pick them up. The Pulse Grenade is easily the most powerful when used in CQB situations; tossing one into a group of enemies will either kill a few or force them all to move, allowing you to take them down, and is a surefire way, as others have said, to flush campers from cover. And its great for Area Denial and escaping sticky situations; toss one into the hallway and run from the enemy

That being said, its not great when used against fast moving vehicles, or people long ways away; it has about the same throw range as a plasma, but no concussion effect, so no flipping vehicles. Its not great vs the Wraith either, simply because the Wraith can drift out of the “Sphere” before it takes much damage.

In short, the Pulse Grenade is a useful tool for certain situations, and useless for others. Its up to the individual wielder to use it correctly.

Ok people. The pulse grenade will auto kill anyone who has their shields down if they are in the radius. They also drain shields. It does suck that you only get one… and that’s why I use the Grenadier Tactical Package. This package allows you to carry 3 grenades, but it also will start you with two pulse grenades. This is great for Rumble Pit; if I see a couple people start to go at it down a hall or in a room I’ll often throw both in the mix. I often come out with a triple kill because of it. In any game type people will assume that if you have already thrown a pulse grenade that you wont have another one, Its great for taking people by surprise. In my opinion it is the most powerful grenade in the game, and having two normally would be op.

I have the pulse nade in my CQC loadout & I always make a point of picking them up if the spawn on a map!
They take time to get use to using like most weapons thats all.