Someone else think than the explosions no make it damage? the damage in short distance is very ridiculous and with SPNKR you need 2 shots for 1 kill cause one shot is not sufficient or you what think?


Grenades practically have the same range of a the nuclear bomb’s dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Doesn’t matter if you’re completely in cover or in the open if someone throws a grenade you’re either dead or no shields.

The Spanker is hit or miss with it’s damage and I think most of that has to do with the on going issues with hit registration.

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SPNKR is inconsistent, but the grenades are fine IMO.

SPNKR sometimes gets bad hit detection so that should known and fixed. I feel like nades should get a little nerf not in damage but like how much it bounces? or “Weight”. Sometime I am surprised how far that thing chases me.

The game itself feels very inconsistent to me. I have had 2 grenades blow on a player that took direct hits and had them survive. Even go on to kill other teammates after killing me. They send me a vid showing the player eating shots.

Often I will put half to a full mag into a players head with the BR and it will drop shields and then they will somehow get around and kill me with a single grenade. And when my teammate hits 4-5 burst from the br i do not even get an assist.

I know that this has been the experience I have had and so have friends and family that have played. Sometimes the stuff works and other times not. We have had times were 3 of us are on one player, all getting hits, and cannot drop one player. I had that exact experience once but I was the one against 3. Should have died but did not. 100% should have been dead.

The last few days I have consistently been on the wrong end. Have had to shoot players way more than they are shooting me. With the very unbalanced teams that makes winning impossible.

Grenades imo have way too short of a fuse they explode ridiculously quick