Exploit on uncaged needs fixing

just got wrecked. like seriously wrecked on uncaged. this probably would have happened regardless of a twit using an exploit i’d not seen before, but i’m hoping this can be remedied.

on uncaged, between small tower and sniper spawn, there is a “mineshaft?” or whatever hollow structure it is, that can be reached via jetpack that offers a vantage point of most of the lower map. the enclosed area next to the sniper spawn area is out of bounds if you go on top of it, but if you go up another 30 ft you can chill forever. seems unintended.

you can shoot at people that are posting up there, yes, but they can just jetpack up farther out of line of fire. if they do this, you can only shoot them basically directly into their feet, and they have a clear shot at your head.

this position has sniper spawn basically on lockdown.
it requires some skill to make effective.
seems like this is unintentional and totally ruined the map.

just make this zone out of bounds and all will be good.

otherwise, its limited

Uncaged is one of the worst maps in the MP and just needs to go away.

I remember about this ‘camping spot’ being talked about awhile back, and was never fixed, and it seems you ran across someone that either remembered it, OR found it on You-tube, and decided to try it out.

Either way, the map is horrible, as with so many other, and needs to come out of the playlist…IMO.

i enjoyed the -Yoink- out of this map until this camp spot was used on me. pretty sure the fu**er was good enough to have killed me outright playing normal, but he got an untouchable sitting up there.

i’m sad to hear this is a “known issue” aka unlikely to be fixed ever issue

Uncaged is one of my favorite maps. Unfortunately AA’s (JP specifically) ruin a lot of maps. Is there a video of which spot you’re talking about? Not sure if I’ve ran into this problem b4.

That spot isn’t off limits to a well placed rocket. I’ve played 2 different games where that spot was used. Luckily the first time I had the rockets. The second time I managed to get a sticky grenade on the foot. It sucks that they can get up there, but if you make it your personal mission to get them down, then its a little more fun.

It’s the whole map and every other variation of it that’s broken.